High school basketball player, who is blind, makes shot during game and the crowd goes wild ❤️❤️ - bestfungamesll.com

High school basketball player, who is blind, makes shot during game and the crowd goes wild ❤️❤️

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  1. This literally means the world to me I wish everyone could always be this happy to see each other win☄️😍😍

  2. Such an magical moment for this little boy, moments like this sure makes my heart happy!!

  3. Païen Des Villes Et Païen Des Champs says:

    From the first day we were put on this earth, till now we have been watched at and we have been love in a way we simply cannot grasp💞

  4. Wow! Just wow!! I have sight and can’t even make a basket most of the time! How impressive this student is!!

  5. I don’t think people realize how much guts that takes! BRAVO 🙌

  6. You can do aney thing through christ that strenghten you good job

  7. Did you notice that the opponents were just as overjoyed as everyone else.

  8. Patrice Cunningham Aka Internet Granny says:

    Amazing 🤩 God IS Good

  9. How cool 💯💯💯💯

  10. And the crowd goes 😱😱😱Wooooo…oooaah!

  11. I bet that even if it doesn't went in, they're gonna cheer pretending it does

  12. That's got God written all over it 😘🤗💐💖💞

  13. She used echolocation brilliantly, such a special achievement XX

  14. Woohoo!!! A true sports legend! What a perfect shot better then any NBA player by far…
    This is what a fair world looks like, everyone is included and has equal rights and privilege 🕊🙏🌹


  16. I LOVE THE INCLUSIVITY!!! And the group of guys on the sidelines who went absolutely bananas after she made it

  17. Oh my, this is just like a Webtoon titled "Flawless". Elios is blind but he can play basketball by focusing on sounds and body scents of his teammates.

  18. I can't unsee this… Batman 5.0👀😱🤩

  19. That’s amazing talent

  20. Nice shot girl u could atleast I ain't gonna lie now so u def could play for the G league Lil more schooling basketball after college tho promise nothing if u try try really hard ain't no telling BUT YOURSELF

  21. I have a feeling the crowd would react the same if it missed
    Please split into groups of 2 or 3 and discuss how that makes you feel.

    Oh, that reminds me of a new Mandela. Effect. The bible verse that said, If two or more are gathered in my name, now says, Of two or three are gathered in my name… And that sounds like it's best to gather no more than3.

  22. That is cool but I have to ask, how does a basketball team work with a blind player?

  23. Love how the crowd applauded his talent. Totally awesome!!!

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