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High School Basketball Game Ends 4-2…

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Moral of the story: Implement a shot clock


  1. That had to have been the most boring basketball game ever played…..

  2. Damn, before I watched, I assumed someone shattered the backboard, and they couldn’t fix it / get replacement parts in a timely manner.

    This is just lame though.

  3. Implement a 45 second shot clock for high school that resets to 30 after an offensive rebound or a foul on the floor. It won’t speed up pace of play too much but will prevent stuff like this from happening

  4. The old "four corners" offense. UGH! I used to go the the NAIA tournament in KC years ago. There were always teams that did this and IT SUCKS! Completely ruins the game. This is WHY shot clocks exist. No one wants to watch a game like this. Can an inferior team end up winning like this? Yes. Is that in the spirit of the game? NO!!!! End this ridiculousness. Implement shot clock rules.

  5. Spring branch high in Houston TX vs Cy fair high school on the edge of Houston at that time. 1972 spring branch won 4-2, sb controlled the ball the entire game, because cf had two giant twins as a forward and center. We were undefeated and went to the state tourney

  6. Some team in my state lost 7 games in a row 0-2 bro

  7. I had a coach in HS who made us do this to clinch our playoff spot. The lamest shit ever bro just play the fucking game

  8. Either give them a shot clock or whistle them for a technical for violating the spirit of the game.

  9. I would still watch this than a WNBA game 😂

  10. Id start fouling hard as fuck so i can get thrown out and not waste my time with that.

  11. That’s legendary lol, the sister of my fiancé lives in Weatherford. I had no idea, that some of the most bizarre games were happening here in my state haha. Insane

  12. They just proved the meaning of work smarter not harder😂

  13. If I was a ref I would've just called the game off🤷🏽‍♂️ no point in playing if teams are going to play like that.

  14. If you ever want to feel better about your hometown visit Anadarko, OK. To quote Obi-Wan – you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  15. Worse coach in basketball history he did all of that just to settle for a three for the last shot

  16. This is exactly what my high school did and that’s why the scores were always in the 20s or 30s.

  17. No shot clock and quarters instead of halves in high school?

  18. Coach should be fired, this isn't basketball

  19. This is not a new strategy. This was a frequent strategy used by rival teams when I was in high school in the 80’s. It’s called the 4 corners where players stand at the four corners of the half court and just pass the ball back and forth to each other to run out the clock when there are two powerhouse teams that are closely matched up and going to state is on the line.

  20. Hey if you wanna be as dumb as to not have a shot clock, then this is the kind of shit you can expect to see

  21. Anadarko’s assistant coach used to be my old coach, his coach Jeffrey thompkins and his son tiger thompkins plays on that team and my best friends sister and has a boyfriend who plays basketball in weatherford I definitely did not expect this video showing up on my recommended

  22. Bro Anadarko is two towns away from mine that is insane😂

  23. Its a school in Mississippi always played like that and even won championships like that

  24. That’s not basketball. That’s keep away. Minnesota is like that til 23-24 season. They getting a shot clock.

  25. Anyone know if there's a five-second rule anymore for holding the ball or if they had to keep passing it? I also wonder if the other team employed any trapping or anyting to kind of bother them a bit.

    I had a coach that wanted to employ a similar tactic but not as extreme. More, hold/pass the ball til you get a really really good look. But eventually the other team would trap and we turn it over and still lose.

    I give them credit for coming close but I feel like that last shot they could have got a better look maybe.

  26. No shot clock? What is this the 1930s

  27. I've never seen basketball, middle school and up, without a shot clock. Where was this?

  28. Thats why the shot clock was made in the first place

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