hey 2K, i found a basketball mini game game in your casino simulator - bestfungamesll.com

hey 2K, i found a basketball mini game game in your casino simulator

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From RICHES to RAGS | NBA 2K Documentary

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  1. 8:55…I don't know why he was happy…the prize was only 1000 mt, out of 2000 mt & 3000 mt…there on the left hand side…pink was 1k mt…👀🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  2. But why does this matter. Ive been doing slots since pokemon gold and silver

  3. Its a game. Youre gonna buy and youre gonna play it end of story have fun

  4. Magic actually jumped at center when Kareem was hurt one finals. He was a bit younger than the photo they pulled for this card, but that actually happened. I do get your point though.

  5. If you really want to not support these practices….DONT BUY THE GAME🤣

  6. This year u can actually grind the game instead of just spending VC if anything 2k is moving towards the right direction. I dont think u actually play Myteam if your mad at the things they added this year.

  7. at 14:37 u skipped the section where u get free evo cards at this point ur just bashing 2k to bash them. u get a free emerald d wade day 1 that evolves as you play with them. after completing the spotlight challenge u also get a free diamond Alonzo Mourning. the fact u didnt adress this shows me ur just making clickbait videos.

  8. why would they even get hyped tho. these arent even their accounts so even if they did care about their account it wouldnt matter

  9. My Team has been Pay to win for like 5 years. I ain't buying that shit no more, surprised people are now just seeing this.

  10. I remember 2k games during a gaming event opening loot chest or whatever it’s called and got amazing items and the crowd went nuts and the dev goes oh you won’t get these we just boosted our odds for this gameplay to show you what you could get ,lol that shit had me dead but atleast they was honest they boost odds to sell their game but we will never get them odds.

  11. These people thought they was gta 5 and forgot gta is rated r so it’s understandable why they got a casino.2k has a bunch of kids playing because of the rating so they need to rethink their tactics

  12. It just shows you how LSK and Cash The Clown are in it for the $$$$

  13. Jacc you a real one for speaking out on this I got a son and I'm have him play basketball irl and keep em far away from NBA 2K

  14. For anyone reading this don't play NBA 2K20 MY TEAM till playoffs or finals all opals will be damn near free by then

  15. JB, on a smaller scale, in day to day life, people buy 2k and talk shit about it all the time. Been doing that shit for years. Hell people who have ANY complaint about ANY video game they buy can be considered as buying a game and bashing it lol. Let em troll bro, I see youre still getting views and likes so…

  16. Would be a bigger statement if you didn't buy the game. But I understand the majority of your content is 2k related

  17. How and why they don't get exposed is crazy…keep up the good work

  18. You said this was going to happen everyone thought you were crazy. They were wrong You were right.

  19. There is no question that specialists design these gambling mechanics to be the most addictive. All of the hook mechanics are there and even my fellow addicts have mentioned the same concerns regarding the targeting of underage players. It’s clearly intentional and insidious.

  20. Ok since I actual play the game I’m going to explain this situation since this video is completely wrong. First off the the ONLY I repeat ONLY thing you can buy in this game is “loot boxes” while this is true your not at all forced to buy them last year I spent 0 dollars on micro transactions and I had an amazing team the entire year because of the FREE auction house and the FREE tokens for the FREE players which were a lot of the time better then the ones you paid for and you can still get those paid of r players in the auction house with the in game currency called MT which you CANT pay for. Now I do think the odds are bad and that’s why I don’t open packs but the slot machine is FREE and you can’t get extra spins by paying for them at all same thing goes for the pin ball drop you get that from logging in to the game everyday THATS IT no buying can be done for that or when they give free cards they put it in the pinball. The slot machine is ONLY I repeat ONLYYYYYYY when you win a game mode called triple threat and you get a chance at a high tier player or my or tokens etc there IS 0 GAMBLE IN THIS BECAUSE TOU CANT LOSE ANYTHING WHAT SO EVER it is a reward for your play and the cards they showed in the beginning are just showing the new FREE evolve system they adding to get higher tier cards without getting new ones AND THE CARDS THEY SHOWED ARE THE FREE CARDS YOU GET WHEN YOU FIRST START THE GAME COMPLETELY FREEEEEEE NO MONEY BEING SPENTTTTTTF AT ALLLLLL

  21. Take 2 and 2k does not respect the intelligence of their consumers. They literally think we're all brain dead.

  22. Suprise gambling mechanics. At least they had to hide the trailers due too many down votes . They are now on damage control, paying dumb youtube people to influence even dumber people.

  23. Yo JackedBill. You have to win challenges to get the slot machine. Lol

  24. It's sad people fall for this we should encourage people to seek help rather than praying on their weaknesses

  25. 2k Casino 20!! Get ready to steal your mom credit cards from there purse kids!! Yeah!!

  26. There’s no risk in a Triple Threat game lol

  27. wow, this looks like a great casino game.

    also, lsk needs a oscar for screaming in that one scene lmao.

  28. I know that this is old comment, but why they added a basketball in my favourite casino game?

  29. at this point we should just stick with 2k19 mt until they fix this years myteam bc this shit is ridiculous

  30. Love the title 😂. Feel like the jokes in the titles is a lot more original and better in general than the exposed type deal.

  31. Give your Money in 2k19 for "everyone" Kids play?? Is a joke?? Fullprice game, guys… Ridiculus

  32. I could care less about position locks and If I wanted to play a casino game I would buy one. I play basketball games cause I want to play basketball 🏀 plain and simple. Not slots 🎰 not roulette. Not buying 2k20! Sucks cause I’ll miss out on some of the fun for 2020 but I guess that’s just how it is. I have much better thing to do with my time and money!

  33. Keep exposing 2k! They are greedy af. 2k slowly became pay to win which is sad.

  34. Cash already got the full games he has been posting vids already it good to have a 2k contract i guess

  35. What about some NBA2K YT's making the "NBA Live Cancelled" videos that aren't true & they are just speculating it will not be released. That seems shady to me 🙂

  36. Looks too much like Casino Games, so ain't gonna fly in Denmark & Sweden or other places overseas, so NBA2K will have to remove it !

  37. I stopped watching a lot of content creators when they went all MUT, FUT, Diamond Dynasty or HUT

  38. The first half of the video Jacked Bill's hair was blonde and towards the end it turned white. Hmmm

  39. They don't boost odds of content creators just look at troydan most of the time he has to pay for like 4packs before he gets the card that he wants

  40. Lol look in the top right they are on the devs account

  41. You earned my sub and like for spreading truth and good arguments, thank you brother.

  42. Yo bill, I agree with a lot of what you say. Stumbled on you a few days ago and I’ve watched quite a few of your videos. As for the (C) magic, just wanted to let ya know that magic did play (C) when Kareem got hurt. It’s on an episode of 30for30. He did really well in fact and in magic’s early years before NBA he played Center as well. But keep doin what your doin brotha. I appreciate your time investigating and bringing the dirt on this shady ass company.

  43. I used one of your videos along with many youtubers to make a stand, thank you for your contribution and a link was provided in the desc.

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