HE’S MY ROOKIE OF THE YEAR 🏆 #shorts #basketball #overtime #ote - bestfungamesll.com

HE’S MY ROOKIE OF THE YEAR 🏆 #shorts #basketball #overtime #ote

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  1. Why he look like Ben Wallace in that jersey

  2. Petition to make his nickname: “ ASAULT THOMPSON

  3. man the NBA is a joke now with all these travels

  4. i love Ausar but he got dropped 15 minutes after by tyrese Hailurbuton

  5. Tyrese got turners back on the ankle breaker

  6. We not gonna talk about the fact Ausar got his ankles BROKEN by haliburton yesterday🎉

  7. i like him but u definitely hid him getting crossed by halliburton

  8. Bro got dropped too ain’t no one finna talk abt that

  9. He’s my pick but let’s be real either way wemby is gonna win because of all the d riding

  10. I love ausar and OTE but tyrese Halliburton dropped his ass😅

  11. Ausar got his ankles snatched by haliburton…but you dont put that on your channel huh

  12. Bro got dropped by tyrese but nice poster

  13. Ausar also got his ankles broken in the same game

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