He hit the SPLITS in his Basketball game 😱🔥 #shorts - bestfungamesll.com

He hit the SPLITS in his Basketball game 😱🔥 #shorts

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  1. My coach would take me to the bench if I did tjat

  2. No clue what just happened but that was dope😂😂😂

  3. He did that in a blowout look at scoreboard

  4. Either they’re getting blown out and celebrating or blowing the other team out and they stopped trying which idk about you but I would have got my ass chewed out for giving up a free dunk while getting torched.

  5. How does the coach even allow this dumb ass behavior

  6. Wiwbw iwhwiw wwhbwiwbwiwhwjwhehbwuwuehe vi whw vi iwbwjw wiw wwbwiwveiwvew hi iw

  7. If I’m the coach for the other team whole team will be running for week’s don’t even look at a basketball 😂

  8. Bro got his new season emotes for the park 💀

  9. No college coach wants to see that ish. Y’all killed that team

  10. 💀💀 f that tech bro not gonna able to have kids in the future 🤣🤣🤣

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