He Broke The Defenders Ankles 4 Times! Darrius Hawkins Shifting Everyone at MSHTV Camp - bestfungamesll.com

He Broke The Defenders Ankles 4 Times! Darrius Hawkins Shifting Everyone at MSHTV Camp

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Darrius Hawkins is the newest ankle bully we filmed at the MSHTV Camp.
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  1. Man i feel bad for him and he got the number 69 shirt😂

  2. Definite talent but lets not pretend his competition is stiff.

  3. 22 seconds in bro really said “show off”😂

  4. That bounce in between to the underneath the leg pass was done beautifully

  5. My man knows wut he was doing lol 💀💀ALSO IS NO ONE GUNNA TALK ABT HOW SICK THE UNIFORMS ARE❗️

  6. He's got great talent both righty and lefty

  7. 182 is like me breaking my friends ankles in sharks and minnows lol😂😂

  8. Of course, I'm not an expert, but where are the judges looking?
    This type has done double dribbling and sniffing several times, do you want to say the judges didn't notice anything?

  9. Don’t be feel bad to that guy fell four times because the dude was taller than him

  10. That look at this dude point that he did at like 2:39 was funny lol

  11. This kid as got a smooth game and he’s good at using his body to shield off defenders

  12. Bro this basketball game is so smooth with it and the kid whose breaking their ankles is also smooth with it 😮😮

  13. This what's wrong with the players and the sport. Selfish showboating

  14. Can someone tel me what those grey shoes that darius is wearing is called? And I don't mean the kobes

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