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Harden & Curry Duel In Playoff Showdown | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

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In this #NBATogetherLive Classic Game, we see James Harden drop 38 PTS & Stephen Curry record 33 PTS in EPIC showdown

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  2. Whoever's was the Coach glad they got fired had a timeout saw harden get doubled ain't do shit

  3. ben simmions is a good shoot and curry is the best dunke

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  9. Sometimes I forget how fast those pre Durant Warriors teams played, of an Inbound or a rebound they never missed an opportunity to run and push the ball

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  11. man i feel bad for james at that last possession great double team by steph and klay

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  13. Надо было бросить, зачем хардену отдал, свободный бросок был

  14. Watching this brings back memories regardless of how people feel about Harden, he gave us Warrior fans way more problems than Bron did. I honestly Fill like if Harden had a number 2 during these runs Like a Kyrie or Brad Beal or even Dame they would of beat us. But they didn't so ill take the 3 chips with a smile but still, I have to show respect The Beard is Scary in a series!

  15. 2015 & 16 warriors are the best teams to watch from all of my 20 years. the ball movement, shooting, chemistry and depth is flat out amazing. they even played beautifully on both sides. and then oracle arena is the icing. my favorite team to watch. 2017-19 were better due to just power but not as basketball purity. amazing to watch.

  16. misses it so much, when the warriors had such a perfect team. with great team corporation and everybody knowing the role in the team. When Draymond could shoot, Klay was healthy, Iguodala at his best, Livingston being a great sub, and Curry at his prime. Poor Curry in the 2020-2021 season, having to carry the team so hard.

  17. This new warriors team is going to be just like this team I can feel it coming

  18. Как же жалко Хардена(

  19. Stark difference in this team's depth than this coming 2021-2022 season. GS should have the Bogut Barnes Livingston Barbosa type of intelligent players. It's highly improbable Kuminga Moody and wiseman would suffice. I'd rather believe in Tuscano-anderson and a little on Moody.

  20. This shows how Bogut and Barnes take some burden off Dray, Iggy and Thompson defensively not to mention the pesky Barbosa and Livingston in long stretches of the game. That's why this team is a juggernaut and took 73-9 the ffg season. They might have been champs if not for key incident and injuries as they got up 3-1. That might be the greatest team in the history of the NBA of which I still believe they are in full strength.

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  22. no believe my reperes is not a siruis but steff curry no mvp my jaimes Hardin is ibelive my game,mvp my hardin,

  23. rookie capella, brewer in hardens team, bogut dominating the paint, good days :´)

  24. man curry had a damn 15 year old face with this sharpshooter mentality and veteran off ball movement

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  26. LOL now harden dont get bs calls and cant score more than 20 a game lol

  27. The 21-22 Warriors is almost as similar as the 15-16 Dubs

  28. 🌐🔁🌳🔁⛈️
    Rocky Planets Gravity wud grow after da H²O is made

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