Gymnastics Practice and a Basketball Game | Vlogmas Day 1 -

Gymnastics Practice and a Basketball Game | Vlogmas Day 1

Megan and Ciera
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We’re doing Vlogmas this year! Today we didn’t really do much except for gymnastics practice and went to a basketball game.

Intro Animation:
Music: Jingle Bells from Kevin Macleod


  1. I'm in private school and I start at 7:003:00 .I think it depends on the school.

  2. Ok who else doesn't get their school schedule and my school is half day cause of damage due to a hurricane so I go to school at 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

  3. Why am I watching vlogmas in Sptember??? 😂😂😂

  4. This is random but i wanted to comment, studying

  5. urgent school hours our longer than mine😃

  6. Do you live alone and how old are you I cannot believe you can drive

  7. who's so ready for Christmas that your watching vlogmas

  8. Omg I thought u was a 12-13 year old then I saw u in the car😱

  9. seriously 30° ? it's -1° in Scotland right now!?

  10. Can you guys do Vlogmas again this year? Like if you agree

  11. Why am i watching this on November 22nd 2016

  12. I'm confused do Maggie and cierra just live together like without there parents or do they live with there parents because there were a lot of stockings on there fireplace

  13. how old is siera (i dont know how you spell her name😂)

  14. Why am I watching this in January of 2017😂

  15. They did this vlog on my b-day 😍😍🤗🤗

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