Guy Pretends to be Ref at a Pickup Basketball Game! -

Guy Pretends to be Ref at a Pickup Basketball Game!

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Steve Greene shows up to a pickup Basketball game and pretends to be a referee. SUBSCRIBE!
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  1. didn't like think like is there suppose to be an actual ref in a street atch in some beach

  2. This is so hard to watch.. Their reactions are so funny

  3. Steve I saw that shirt at target stop being a hobo

  4. Did they really drive into an oil tank?

  5. Im 14 and i would destroy these adults on the court.

  6. Why cant you make more videos like this and stop with the sexual pranks? Theyre really sick and disgusting.

  7. pathetic game play but at least it had a happy ending 😉 

  8. lol, Steve knows nothing about basketball..

  9. Ok so my Jonny an i think you should go to a high school game and try the same thing but call way more things  DUDDE I WATCH U GUYS ALL DAY AT WORK YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST

  10. It's funny how they just assumed he was supposed to be there lol

  11. that was funny as hell, one of the best public trolls i've seen in a while

  12. ur stupid wat if that would actually happen to someone

  13. You should pretend to be personal trainer and try and motivate random people working out

  14. You're like the only funny white guy I know XD everybody else are just fuckboys

  15. You're like the only funny white guy I know XD The rest are just fuckboys

  16. Am i the only one that noticed im tyrone

  17. "huh, sweet, guess we got a ref this game!" thinks everyone playing…

  18. The Milgram Experiment 😀 I like this channel very much

  19. I'm really sick. But I would be better if Steve replies.

  20. better then the refs at my official league games

  21. Are those the same courts Derek vineyard destroyed the black guys in a game?

  22. I wish a real ref who knows the game would go out and do this and just make bad calls.

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