Greatest 3-Pointers from Wheelchair Basketball Rio 2016 | Paralympic Games -

Greatest 3-Pointers from Wheelchair Basketball Rio 2016 | Paralympic Games

Paralympic Games
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As the NBA restarts, check out some of the very best wheelchair basketball 3-pointers from the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games! How good is a buzzer beater? 😍

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  1. those rims look extra small to like how is this possible

  2. Buzzer beater in Wheelchair Basketball 🏀 looks even more incredible 😍! Especially if you know that to claim such a three pointer requires so much effort 🙏

  3. Missing Terry Bywater spin around 3 in overtime against Turkey to help win the bronze medal

  4. What's the name of the song that start at min. 3.00 with Japan?

  5. Damm they got better highlights than the wnba

  6. Australia’s needs to lift is game, they didn’t even get a mention

  7. I like how even the refeeres feel happy for them

  8. What wheels need to be behind the 3 point line for it to be a 3? Also how many times are they supposed to dribble? I recently got into watching so no douchebaggery pleass

  9. I swear these player are waaaay better in 3 point shooting than some of NBA players, including Ben Simmons

  10. Everyone's gangsta till wheelchair curry comes


  12. Just remember Ben Simmons can’t shoot better than them

  13. Can som1 Explain How Do they dribble or rather what are the rules of Dribbling in that game?

  14. Much more entertaining and talented than WNBA.

  15. all memes aside, we are so blessed to have what we have

  16. Lebron would win 20 chips in this league.

  17. 3 point without leg force is incredible. They did it by spreading only their arms and wrist softly

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