Grandma Plays Basketball At The Park! -

Grandma Plays Basketball At The Park!

Tristan Jass
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Grandma pulled up to the park ready to get buckets!

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  1. Thoose fu black immigrant´s dont have a clue….

  2. Papi .oltre al Calvin Klein. Mi servirebbero delle pastiglie antidepressive cardiopatiche neurologiche e se ti avanzano qualche Viagra 😁

  3. Bro you on some professor ssshhh

  4. De lejos. Se. Ve. Que. No. Es. Una. Ancianita

  5. Some player dress like granny 😂😂😂

  6. That’s the Professor. I know them moves anywhere

  7. You tell can he ALWAYS wanted to be a grandma.

  8. Desde aqui se nota que es un hombre joven…

  9. Gootmoeder is a MAN ! 👴👴⛹‍♀⛹‍♀

  10. this granny is a Boy how don't see this young people ! 4 me it's No! sry

  11. thanks for the inspiration, I will also bring content of this kind to my channel

  12. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤

  13. 乳臭未乾、不知天高地厚;今天老娘來教一教,怎麼打籃球

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  15. He needs much more training regarding being an ok old lady

  16. That ain’t grandma. Great costume and cover ever!

  17. The worst video ever. Not even good enough to call it a spoof. Lazy ass crap here ppl. Your work to hard to be good at playing Tristan to be putting this crap out here. I get wanting to have fun. But Title the video that. Don’t clickbait the title with done “Uncle Drew” type.

  18. You didnt really fool anyone ik your tryin to pay omage to white men cant jump but this was the stupidest discguise ever js

  19. It feels like you just wanted the dress and makeup

  20. I wouldve been the michelan man (tires)
    Please dont do a part 2


  22. LOTS of CARRIES during the dribbling!!

  23. Back the days grandma used to rank top in the WNBA😅

  24. Not bad for an elderly lady. She got better as the time passed.

  25. He looks as much like a granny as l look like a young beautiful girl! I'm a 68 yr bald, fat male! SMH!

  26. 100,000 likes and WE WILL do a PART 2! 👵

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