Got this Mini Basketball Hoop for only $9.98! #asmr #unboxing #basketball #minihoop #walmartfinds -

Got this Mini Basketball Hoop for only $9.98! #asmr #unboxing #basketball #minihoop #walmartfinds

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  1. I bought the same one but it’s was 20bucks for me

  2. I have the white and blue version and it costed 29$ how???

  3. Can you please tell me what’s that called mine broke the other month and it’s sucks

  4. I have the same but it’s branded by POP-A-SHOT and mine was $20, still worth it tho

  5. What I got one for 35$ and it’s the exact same one but it’s nerf brand

  6. Bro, I literally got my mini hoop for $19.99😂😂

  7. I bought on lazada there are working hard of making on rim because lots of money its cost 912 dollar

  8. I got that but its a dual and its only 25 dollars

  9. Okay I got a question and I hope you answer
    Where did you buy it
    And is it big or small

  10. I have the same one and it is exactly the same but it is broken

  11. I got the same one for $20 but it has better colors and is a one person pop a shot

  12. I got this as a house warming gift

  13. That’s just a knock off pop a shot mini hoop I have the real one it does the same exact thing but it’s actually durable

  14. Yes I have this one as well it amazing and great for people who are on a budget 😊😊

  15. This is my dad's profile the he's a guard and he's a basketball player

  16. I got a metal hoop for only 14.99 and its really good

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