Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game 5 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs -

Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game 5 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

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  1. It's because of things like this that the NBA is losing fans, like this game that looks like a mafia

  2. Desde a partida anterior sinto o GSW sem vibração. A equipe está desorganizada em quadra. Se continuar assim corre o risco de não passar para próxima fase.

  3. What a terrible performance from the Warriors. Plus 10 from Toscano Anderson. He has what they lack. Losing GP2 has been important for the same reason. They look tired and miss his energy and spark. Toscano Anderson has some of that. They certainly don't look like champions. They really need to regroup.

  4. Well I guess Memphis only has to abuse the big men and they will be good

  5. Clarke and Adams, perfect combo, keeps the opposition on their toes

  6. I like to svvallovv👆👆👆This is the kind of team you want to Champion on. Even with your lead player out on injury the team can hold their own. Great chemistry. That 69 GS- 121 GR looked nasty. 52point difference❤❤❤️

  7. I love JAA Morant…but this team play very week even without

  8. After being a NBA fan for 30 years . I can say that the disaster we saw happened last night between the warriors and Memphis it was because…………
    MIKE BROWN !!!!!!
    The warriors are known to be a 3 shooting team ..but your team is losing for 20 and you only give yiur best players 25 minutes of playing ? Uh ? WTF was that ? I've seen san Antonio and even Memphis themselves ,coming from 26 down .and if there's a team that can do that is the Golden state warriors. As soon as I heard that Mike brown was going to be the coach. After Kerr absence….I inmediately thought….oh oh.. a disaster is coming to the warriors. Then they barely won the first game with Mike brown. And I kept saying…..Don't worry. It's coming. And last night…Boom!!!! There you go . Mike brown is a piece of shit as a coach. And if he continues being the coach….I guarantee you all , that's going to be it for Golden state, mark my words

  9. ㅋㅋ 카레새기 입방정 한번떨고 제대로 당하는구만 50점차난다 임마 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  10. That is what I call a good ass whooping. The Warriers like to show off but not tonight.

  11. Warriors defense sucked that game. Sheesh

  12. Congratulations to Memphis but honestly without morant this game was boring..I saw 100000 three point shots from Memphis and some points scored by accident by unknown players. I only know 1 Memphis player who played in this game, Adams. 😄😁😆

  13. I find it real strange when a team is up 3- 1 in a series some how the series does reach game 7.🤔🤔the NBA just know how to stretch the money

  14. Warriors deixando os Grizzlies ganharem para não ficar sem graça…

  15. I only think that gsw is trying to drag the time for Gary Payton II to recover

  16. Man Up …all the players are in need of a Michael Jordan Dennis Rodman for defense and Rebounding
    .Look guys
    MJ, AI, Kobe, Lebron distribution skills; how to distribute with little complications …not too many steals or turnover then again where's THE DEFENSIVE SKILLS & TALENTS .DON'T CELEBRATE TOO EARLY GSW..Play like PROS.

  17. Warriors feeling bad for injuring Ja Morant, so they decided to give them a free pass this game. Where is game 6 going to be played? Watch the difference in game 6 and holla back at me. Bet you that's the last game. And a blowout too 🤣

  18. This Memphis team is incredible. Forgot they had a better record without Morant this year than with. Also, 6:55 that's coach's reaction to being up 44 points? 🤣

  19. Wow the warriors got their asses gaped wide open lol 😂

  20. Va a ser interesante el juego 6 en San Francisco 👍

  21. Damn did someone call the police? That's basically a rape.

  22. Si hubiera jugado Ja Morant, Memphis hace 200 puntos

  23. Now i can finally watch this after Gsw Game 6 win. Hahaha.

  24. lol old strat.. gs homecourt much more money instead mempis

  25. GSW: No one will ever lose by 39 pts in the playoffs like we just did!

    Phoenix Suns: Hold my beer.

  26. Такое ощущение, что начиная со второй четверти Голден Стейт прекратили играть.

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