Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game 3 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs -

Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game 3 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

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  1. Warriors would be up 3-0 if it wasnt for shitty refs

  2. morant did it to himself by trash talking to curry …well get the consequences pls 30 +

  3. If you're losing to the Warriors before the third quarter even starts, you mind as well just get ready for the next game.

  4. you can't overreact injuries like that just because your knee was touched like a baby, in front of an ankle injury prone curry, and specially in front of thompson. If he were faking it just to save his name from this hard loss, you're just mocking the 2 years lost in thompson's career.

  5. Warriors always winning the TO race too lol
    If they can keep those numbers down, I can't see anyone stopping them this year

  6. Ja and the grizz are a very young, inexperienced team. They don't know what getting spanked looks like (hint: yesterday) so how could they possibly know what it takes to win? They really thought GS would roll over in G3 because of a G2 win at home? GSW =/= Minnesota.

    They about to learn. GS sending them home G5 on the road. Showing what a real champ behaves like. None of this intentionally targetting another team's player just because he's shutting down your star garbage.

    And note how the grizz always got excuses. It was injuries, the refs didn't like us etc … or get aggressive when called to account. This is the mentality of a child.

    The GS answer? We didn't play hard enough. I didn't make my shots. I didn't pass the ball. I/we have to be better. We'll make adjustments and take the next one.

    Memphis got so much growing up to do. Until then they are a wild team, filled with dangerous, inexperienced, borderline out of control players. EVERY team should be on high alert for cheap shots playing them.

    But it's aight. Won't be much longer. They gonna be on holidays. Book it 💯

  7. It’s 2 – 1 and everyone is talking like it’s over.
    Don’t get to high on a win and too low on a lose.
    This ain’t over.

  8. Ja morant injured final and scores warriors VS hardlines very very Hard.

  9. Esto no es baloncesto,,es un correcalles y un concurso de triples, que desastre.

  10. the stats can show FG, 3PT, FT but aren't able to show 2PT, stupid af

  11. NOW I KNOW Steph took that half court make by ja PERSONALLY 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Memphis heading into the right direction with this young hungry squad but this GSW team just too strong. I wouldn't be surprised if Warriors win it all

  13. I never seen a team that I just cannot watch winning, I hate the warriors so much it don’t even make sense, just pisses me off, it’s like watching man city or psg play, you just hate those pricks and the bandwagoner fans
    I ain’t even a grizzlies fan, I just root for the team that plays against the warriors, amem

  14. Where is JTA, has disappeared ?, why is not in the rotation, he could do the same as Porter Jr II.

  15. Ja morant I told you warriors are dangerous
    Warriors will take 4 -1 mark my words

  16. See that ja morant too early to be talking smack
    Get ready to be eliminated

  17. trash talking with curry? wew. curry give you the answer

  18. What was dirty was warriors offense. Memphis took away the three and the warriors painted the inside. Almost wasn’t fair after the second half

  19. Ste skvelý pozdravujem všetkých a prajem nech sa vám darí Milka 💗

  20. What a beating loll. Overrated team gets exposed!!!

  21. can only said wow to those players … truly warriors!

  22. The next game may be a great topic in NBA history…
    Could Grizzlies break domination of Warriors recent years in the West?

  23. Soo everybody watching the warriors cause they know we’re the team to beat and next to that is everybody trying to play like us e.g celtics and Grizzlies. We need to watch ourselves Dub Nation. We bringing this one home yeah innit HALLELUJAH HALLELUYAH HOSSANA to YAHWEH the Precious HOLY might and Gracious only GOD. Merciful in all HIS Ways. GLORY be to JESUS amen HE alone is Worthy

  24. I'd like to say… Watching this video I felt almost the same feeling I had 25 years ago, with the '97 bulls-jazz final. What a masterpiece. Ja Morant is really incredible. Unfortunately, get injury is a very possible thing to consider in his career with that mobility and direction changes. But… Magic.

  25. Jokic, then Morant. Man, my bois fighitng monsters with numbers.

  26. I like to see that the chef is picking his rhythm back, good blow win

  27. What kind of awful highlight channel doesn't even show the injury of a star player? Do you really need to be told people want to see that? 😑

  28. Anybody here watch the TV show Scrubs? The mean fearsome Janitor was made to wear a Uniform that was Robins Egg Blue, because it would have a calming effect on those around him and they would be real nice to him. I'm not sure that color works for the Grizzlies.

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