Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game 1 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs -

Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game 1 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

NBA Highlights
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  1. 💚❤️🇲🇦🇲🇦

  2. Look at Morant he's a future lebron he blame he's teammates for a mistake defense lmao

  3. Y Juan Toscano, es el único que no esta jugando? 😒

  4. This game was so intense yet coming with many morals

  5. We y'all know Curry will punish them. Great play from Jackson Jr & J.Poole. Great 1st round.

  6. So looks like poole is the new star on the warriors, curry ,clay and the rest are second fiddle now

  7. Ja is choking without Steven Adams's screening

  8. Curry is Thompson Champions , is game Warriors Forever .

  9. Experience vs Talent

    Talent: We will win this game!
    Experience: Not today son..

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  11. So we just not gonna talk about the thumbnail..

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  13. That dance by Ja ….trying to be GS so bad …this ain’t some one and done game


  15. You had 30 secs, thats enough time to make a play for an easy bucket, don't try and be hero to win the game cause it didn't work.

  16. Thompson wasn't able to score any of the foul shots because of a trick wich grizzlies fans did they learnt it from boston fans the hold things like flags and the move them in one direction so the player sees the basket moving that what science says

  17. I was so afraid when Klay misses the 2 free throws which is soo rare

  18. 真是太精彩了現在的籃球比賽是比速度、年輕、三分外線以前靠中鋒禁區的打法似乎已經不行了,勇士、灰熊誰出線應該就是冠軍吧!

  19. The GW, Klay had a bad shooting night, Green was ejected and missed half the game, Curry had an off night and still Memphis couldn't win. If they had a chance to win this series they threw it away in game one. Don't expect Green to be ejected again Klay have a bad night and Curry too.

  20. How dafuq an out of bound turn into a jumpball? That wouldn't even happen in the 80s…

  21. You can't guard me!! few minutes later…. F**k we lost.

  22. the ref put their entire asset into Memphis winning

  23. Morant is too emotional. Got to stay focus i think.

  24. A+ such and insanely entertaining finish! I like both teams but i have to say the GSW seem like the bad guys and I was kinda room for M because of the crowd and the amazing "last dance-y" finish

  25. Klay missing 2 freethrows is a sign of game fixing

  26. 垃圾黑熊球打不贏開始打人,整場打了四個,真的可以去打wwe

  27. anyone notice the thumbnail of the vid? that grab.

  28. Poole is like the 3rd island boy for klay and chef 🤨

  29. How can u shoot 3's but can't shoot (clutch) free throws 😒

  30. Looks like Ja's hand is grabbing Curry's lil dick for the video cover 😂😂

  31. Thumb nail hella sus, old boy always gave me pansexual vibes .

  32. This game brook and murant angry 😡 on gp2 , because of gp2 defending murant so hard… Game3 maybe igguodala defend murant and brook goinng to cemintry game3 brook will be die

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