Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Full Game Highlights | July 3 | 2022 NBA Summer League -

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Full Game Highlights | July 3 | 2022 NBA Summer League

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  1. Lakers hit gold with swider and pippen Jr, how the hell did they go undrafted

  2. Scotty should be starting for Lakers this year forget trading for coco kyrie this kid is good!

  3. Gui Santos ainda não esta capacitado pra jogar na NBA

  4. Why pbj moody kuminga and wiseman are not playing

  5. How good is Scottie Pippen Jr.? How was he undrafted? His IQ and decision making is off the charts..

  6. I’d love to see pippen on the lakers team this year. He was fantastic with vandy and can really help this year and having a guy like Snyder who’s a sniper would be huge. A sleeper guy might be huff who’s a good shot contester and has a nice stroke

  7. jay huff and mc mclung pippen maxi will future lakers

  8. gui santos is not yet qualified for playing, quite makes a lot of mistake 💀

  9. Hatred golden state warriors are gonna lose their championship repeat this coming season because when a any team goes to the finals and wins the trophy . They well be bad this coming fall for there 2022-23 season

  10. Wish we could see a wiseman,moodie,kuminga,Baldwin Jr,Ryan Rollins summer league game

  11. lakers summer league will beat real lakers haha

  12. I know Moody just won a chip but this game was really suspect, he should be taking over games like this. Wouldn't be surprised if the dubs pick up another big guard after this

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  14. Swider, Huff, Mcclung, and pippen i wish they could be lakers this year

  15. Don’t like either team but for some reason I enjoyed watching this game…

  16. Put steph there and the lakers will still win.

  17. There is some good young talent on that Lakers team. Pippen is so solid. Snyder's shooting is so smooth you can barely see the net move when he swishes the ball.

  18. They about to fuck around an let the lakers build another good young core lol

  19. Lester Quinones remember him he will be better than an undrafted player

  20. Mc clung is good but he isn’t a pg type.. he is a score first type of pg.. I don’t see him trying to facilitate the team or shoot 3s. Mostly going inside the paint. Now if he plays sg and can shoot. Then yeah lakers might see what’s up . From what I can see.. he drives more into the paint unlike pippen who lets the game come to him

  21. Swider is a pure 3 point shooter..idk about in defense.. haven’t seen any yet

  22. Pippen Jr can be a contributor if he ca maintain irrational confidence. He is flashing already!

  23. Comment section is fucking cringe. It’s the summer league shit does not correlate to success. All of you need to calm down LOL.

  24. Love Handy coaching this Summer League team too. So happy we kept him on the coaching staff

  25. Bro how can we get drew league, ball is lifeand random pick up games in 1080p60 but not an NBA summer league come on NBA do better 😂😂

  26. Need to see more of these guys in the big leagues they ready

  27. Are the GSW taking this SLgames seriously? They seem disoriented at times, and it's still the 5 that they are struggling.

    Just my observation.

  28. Cole Swider has a nice stroke, he wanna has a bright future in the NBA!

  29. Pippen is really a good player, hope he will make it to the league

  30. Quiñone. Platano power. Dominican republi

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