Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Full Game Highlights | April 9, 2024 | FreeDawkins -

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Full Game Highlights | April 9, 2024 | FreeDawkins

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  1. Trayce, Payton, Klay, Wiggs, Green…… *awesome Blocking!

  2. 1:35 so traveling isn't a rule anymore?
    If this Era is so should why do they travel and carry so much.

  3. In glad i get to watch jokic and the nuggets. Real basketball.

  4. Yeah sure lebron is playing at 70%.
    These announcers have to hype this dude up so much.

  5. この試合は素晴らしいです。Draymond前半の三点シュートは驚くほど良い。さらに彼は十枚のアシスト。StephとKlayシュートもよくやったです。この試合に、ふたりの三点シュートは11/16。Davisはこの試合を遊ぶしませんか、でもLebronはまだよくやった。プレーオフが待ちきれない!

  6. The greatest power forward in Draymond Green is back.. 4 rings bro 4 rings

  7. I think the game between GOLDEN STATES and LAKERS is really fun.

    In particular, I couldn't hide my surprise when I saw LeBron's layup or Curry's 3-point shot,
    and Colin Castleton's rebound was truly amazing even when I saw it again.

    I usually like basketball, so I watch a lot of basketball games, and I think this game was especially fun.

    If I get a chance later, I would like to go to the stadium and watch the game in person! 10126 황규강

  8. Gileee sih gsw on fire gitu
    Main basket mau dijagain apa engga shoot aja masuk terus
    Gimana coba musuh defend nya?
    Nunggu flop aja baru bisa ngejar 😅

  9. Whatever makes Draymond start shooting 3s, you know something is cooking.

  10. >You know ,, there is always a day when u are hot …. Nothing special

  11. If I bet $5 that draymond would hit at least 5 threes I wonder what the payout would’ve been 😂

  12. LebRon should of been guarding Klay

  13. Dey out hur huntin us errrrrrday! – Lebro Lames

  14. Remember the person from the future saying lakers would win

  15. Lakers like 9th spot 😂😂

  16. Klay thompson finally showing them why he’s the second best shooter in the world

  17. They been blocking life out of Hachimura 😂😂😂😂

  18. I hope warriors will be consistent like this

  19. What is going on with dRaymond green😂😂😂

  20. I've watched my Warriors play every big game the last 10 years. Never have I seen them this hot as a team from the arc. TWENTY-SIX threes at 63.4% are you freaking kidding me?

  21. I can’t post comment about Lakers, so many in comsec talking about gsw, idw to get bash

  22. LeBron James is one of the worst defenders in the NBA, not even G League level.

  23. Lebron has domited this coach if does not has the basket do not participate offencibly and being the second big it's always watching when defending the paint

  24. This version of the warriors are disgusting 🔥

  25. Lakers different yes, went on the road and win, but losing at home 🤣😂🤦🏾‍♂️👀

  26. Why in the he%+ does anyone care about two mediocre teams. LOL

  27. When are teams going to stop disrespecting Draymond…

  28. They say players today don't play defense but it is more difficult to play defense today because players are far more talented than they have ever been and it is easier to get into foul trouble.

  29. Lebron is not impressive to me all points off of mismatch

  30. The NBA turned the magnetic rim and ball on because ratings are low

  31. I’m lebron James fan on the lakers let’s go lakers

  32. lol when they don’t try this lay-ups, playing with intensity‼️‼️

    Well Played.

  33. hermoso, les rompieron el o. sin atenuantes, de visitante, bien roto. como de costumbre. Los árbitros no pudieron traer de nuevo al partido a "cakers", no hubo excusas, puros 3. salut!!!!


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