Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets NBA FULL GAME 14.10.2022 -

Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets NBA FULL GAME 14.10.2022

Time for Basketball
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Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets NBA FULL GAME 14.10.2022
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  1. I'm sorry but can someone explain to me why joker and Gordon were arguing with the refs even though they were able to get the foul. It's not the Warriors it's the refs, just saying.

  2. AMAZING! I just adore basketball. GO WARRIORS

  3. You tube not showing the end you can't tell who one the game

  4. Yo!! bruhh…Love watching your vids,plssss upload some more GSW games 🥺❤️

  5. Need watch quick before license hammer strikes!
    You a herooo

  6. I'm new to all this. My 11 year old is into basketball big-time! My ques, are these the pre-season games? I was excited thinking you had the GSW vs LA on 10/18. Do you put those up as well? Thank you for these videos. My son will enjoy!

  7. Thank u for the upload my bro I just subscribed 🎉

  8. Great channel! I love the NBA Bascketball league, congrats from Brazil!

  9. can u giv the larry trophy to the warriors now ? i dont want to see the lakers spotting the abyss of the west conf anymore xD🤣

  10. Trail blazers vs golden state warriors October 11 full game please

  11. Now I know why the player on the Warriors wears number 0 bcos he really is a zero he can't play defense he misses easy layups dude is just garbage no wonder the Warriors are struggling with the second unit 0 can't hold anybody his defense sucks that was a bad pick in free agency

  12. I just dont get it. This game was not a blow out, yet GS pulled off their starters way early and just gave the game to the Nuggets. ??????? Where is the spirit to comeback ?

  13. Os melhores jogadores de basquete e um jogo de esportes

  14. There are more Ads on this than commercials the Actual game had!

  15. Curry is something special .. did anyone see him make that 3 point shot in between 2 person guarding him.. the shot went in between these 2 dudes and it was a splash..

  16. I am getting into basketball. I like watching it. Even if I don’t know all the rules… it’s entertaining 🙂 Thank you for uploading it 🙂

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