Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets NBA FULL GAME 14.10.2022 -

Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets NBA FULL GAME 14.10.2022

Time for Basketball
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Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets NBA FULL GAME 14.10.2022
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  1. You tube not showing the end you can't tell who one the game

  2. Yo!! bruhh…Love watching your vids,plssss upload some more GSW games 🥺❤️

  3. Need watch quick before license hammer strikes!
    You a herooo

  4. I'm new to all this. My 11 year old is into basketball big-time! My ques, are these the pre-season games? I was excited thinking you had the GSW vs LA on 10/18. Do you put those up as well? Thank you for these videos. My son will enjoy!

  5. Thank u for the upload my bro I just subscribed 🎉

  6. Great channel! I love the NBA Bascketball league, congrats from Brazil!

  7. can u giv the larry trophy to the warriors now ? i dont want to see the lakers spotting the abyss of the west conf anymore xD🤣

  8. Trail blazers vs golden state warriors October 11 full game please

  9. Now I know why the player on the Warriors wears number 0 bcos he really is a zero he can't play defense he misses easy layups dude is just garbage no wonder the Warriors are struggling with the second unit 0 can't hold anybody his defense sucks that was a bad pick in free agency

  10. I just dont get it. This game was not a blow out, yet GS pulled off their starters way early and just gave the game to the Nuggets. ??????? Where is the spirit to comeback ?

  11. Os melhores jogadores de basquete e um jogo de esportes

  12. There are more Ads on this than commercials the Actual game had!

  13. Curry is something special .. did anyone see him make that 3 point shot in between 2 person guarding him.. the shot went in between these 2 dudes and it was a splash..

  14. I am getting into basketball. I like watching it. Even if I don’t know all the rules… it’s entertaining 🙂 Thank you for uploading it 🙂

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