Golden State Warriors vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | Jan 15, 2023 | FreeDawkins -

Golden State Warriors vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | Jan 15, 2023 | FreeDawkins

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  1. Blown out by the Chicago Bulls without there best player in Derozan!
    GS are ZERO threat this season at winning the championship

  2. Steph high key lost this game for us he was tragically bad. Hopefully he returns to the steph we know

  3. Is it me or did the Warriors stop playing their beautiful brand of basketball i.e. Pass, pass, pass, movement without the ball, pass, shoot, lay-up etc.??

  4. Everybody stars go crazy from the 3pt area wen facing the worriors!

  5. Refs vs Warriors. You can't beat refs. 🤪

  6. Wiggins has more all star votes than Lauri then scores 11 pts smh

  7. Man, seeing Curry like this after his MVP start to the season hurts me. Its ALWAYS the injuries that ruin everything and everyone

  8. I know how to fix the Warriors decade long turnovers problem. Try to actually score in the paint. It's that simple. Stop passing the ball so damn much and actually try scoring once and awhile. The egregious passing and outside jumpers needs to stop being the first option. The league is onto them and it's making them look like fools.

  9. The pattern is getting old … getting down by double digit early … fighting back to have a game .. then running out of gas .. really an alarming trend .. Dubs has no chance if they can’t get to the sixth spot … Great that they won last year .. championship is very difficult these days .. A good 7 or 8 teams can win it .. not but Warriors this year

  10. How Can you Hope win a game with 22 TO ? 2 2!!!

  11. The waffle house has found its new host

  12. I guess Chicago won after me betting half of my wage on Warriors.. after 6-7 wins in a row they decided to lose..

  13. Lol nvm the score in the first few mins gave it away

  14. Gsw is not consistent anymore not anymore this is so absurd to see a lot of turnover for a few highlights

  15. Bulls always plays tough against good teams. Warriors got to start taking care of the ball because they have been having turnover issues for a long time now and they need to tighten up that D

  16. everyone made excuses in the comments.can’t you see how well Vucevic is playing?

  17. Starting Five


    P. Williams 44
    A. Caruso 6
    N. Vucevic 9
    A. Dosunmu 12
    Z. LaVine 8


    D. Green 23
    A. Wiggins 22
    K. Looney 5
    S. Curry 30
    K. Thompson 11

  18. Easy win for bulls klay was trash from mid range I couldn't do shit I'm still sore asf

  19. I guess Steph and Wiggin still gearing up. Listen to those dub fan panickers

  20. I bet golden state can't score more than 117 and they did. But I appreciate bulls didn't play to waste time when they were ahead

  21. The golden state warriors problem is dipence center position..

  22. Still the W are celebrating on their game before this y lost their minds😂❤ Go Dubs!

  23. 😊 Its very sad to see my team like this. 4 loss of the last 5, and 3 were home games. The worst is that game against depleted Suns. All these games, even in some wins, has something in common, and I cant help but think what the front office is doing or not doing. We lack experienced rotaional guys that can provide versatility. A little more size would help too. I thought we could have given JP around that 130M extension and spend some money for vets. I see Bruce Brown and Royce Oneal, how they fit the off ball and passing lanes, they will be excellent to our line up. They play very good defense as well. Both available during the off season. I also thought we could have used some of our picks and young guys to make a trade for like of Kuzma and D Gafford. Iggy is no longer the same player, and Ja Green is missing a lot of games. Others are too young and needs time, or too small. We have so much shooting but very less flexibity. They at least owe this season to Steph And Klay.

  24. A) pick up da 7'2" freak Moses Brown from the Clippers and him along with Wiggins, Klay & Poole Warriors will be NBA champs for the next 5 Years.
    There is no way around this, Warriors need a 7 Footer under the rim in todays NBA and da freak Moses is Unused and Available to let loose now!
    oh, I forgot…. the Kerr/Meyers think tank gonna WAIT "ANOTHER 3 YEARS" FOR WISEMAN 😂 so no-way on 7'2" freak Moses BROWN. ok, I get it.

  25. Warriors Coaches and Management need to do a better job. Was coach Mike Brown low key that important.

  26. Define todays nba: 3 point contest with zero defence……this is a circus ….so boring

  27. Mike Brown absence cost the Warriors lack of defense mentor plus throw away the defensive back up players last season…Look at SACRAMENTO KINGS when MIKE BROWN is their new coach…they are a PlayOffs contender now 👌💪

  28. The death line up came in and just ripped the bulls lead like it was nothing

  29. Shamfull Defeat of GSW i bet they will never Win Champion this time 😂

  30. Golden states needs to get some team players not these free loafers who use thrive off of Klay Curry draymond

  31. 12線防守者太爛,導致HELP THE HELPER要守太多人,即使有超好的防守輪轉也沒用了!五切圍棋切得太強了。不然勇士可以用小干擾戰術破解,現在,大干擾輪不了,小干擾防不了,就輸了。

  32. Everyone has a career night vs the Warriors. It's like teams don't fear or even respect them, everyone just wants to get at them.

  33. Curry is a great player, but he's very sloppy also. 8 TO's?

  34. And the curse of losing on the road continues, let's just say the Dubs can say goodbye to their championship run this year.

  35. I just don't get the inconsistency with this team. 22 TOs? Come on.

  36. Idk Why warriors keep chasing the ball instead of guard individually letting them free to shot those 3. nobody else notice that or its just me

  37. I’m still happy we didn’t get rid of coby

    Im still kinda upset we got rid of luri I liked his game

  38. Someone pleaseeeee tell looney to go up!!!!!

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