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Going to 5 NBA Games in 50 hours

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Today, I’m going even bigger and better than before… I’m going to try to attend 5 NBA games in 50 hours!

Going to 3 NBA Games in 24 Hours

$10,000 NBA All Star Challenges!

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●Edited by Feddy () and @Joelemz
●Filmed by @Travis Fukumoto & @Matthew Gonzalez

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  1. Yeah I know man he has to be there for me and my

  2. You should do going to 7 games in 72 hours

  3. I live in Michigan and been at little Caesars area

  4. Never gunna give you up never gunna give say goodbye and desert you

  5. He said the bed was so hard ayo that weird

  6. 108k likes can you plzzzzz do how much games you can go to in 100 hours

  7. Bro I can't believe you actually did this bro you're crazy

  8. At the nuggets game he fist bumped the mascot

  9. My friend drew his dad was Patrick Ewing ngl

  10. I have a challenge you get 72 hours for 8 games

  11. He said the clippers would win not the lakers

  12. “Going to 5 NBA Games in 50 hours” shows 7 teams in the thumbnail, great vid though!

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