Girls Vs boys basketball -

Girls Vs boys basketball

Raye Mckinney
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  1. Lmao the jog one is so accurate, my 9 yo sister always gets annoyed and mad at me for running like the girl one, the reason I run like that is because of my chest 🤷‍♂️

  2. Bruh i cant believe i fell backwards and broke my wrist-

  3. idk who told yall that girls do that but I definitely dont-

  4. Wait until they find out the injuries are reversed.

  5. no bc my boy classmates literally bends their back fully

  6. Girls injuries is so wrong. All the boys I know cry when they fall and they Don't even have a scratch and when I fall and my knee bleeds I keep running

  7. Bruh girls are not that dramatic about falling I had a kid in my class and he once cracked his knuckles and he said that he broke his fingers

  8. Not trying to be rude but like nome of this is true especially for the girls. Again no hate this was really funny 😆

  9. the fact that he uses a fkn tripod as crutches ajdjahdjs HAHAHAHAHA

  10. The grammar for I can’t never walk again hurt me bad 😭🫣

  11. Everythhing is true except for the jog, girls and boys jog normally

  12. Something happened to my techer's past student. The student went to a sports school i think she did badminton. She injured leg while playing and she could never play anymore. The worst thing is that it was a sports school so she just watched others play

  13. hold up hold up- is this Safari Island in Waconia MN?

  14. The guy literally took tripod as his clutch.

  15. So racist. We are all humans 😶

  16. Yeah, cuz I’m a girl and I’ve been pushed over several times in games and every single time I’ve broken something 😂

    (Four years of playing and I’ve never broken a bone 🙃)

  17. It was so good that they chose even for the boys part
    Generally all i see is how girls do this and that
    But nobody shows about boys thank you

  18. the celebration one is so true😭😭😭

  19. Lemme just fix my shorts, *starts getting into position for a twerking session *

  20. I just feel like i want to faint…
    In my school the gym area was outside and i had to exercise in the heat of the middle of the day…

  21. I love how they more so roasting each other through the whole thing

  22. As a female basketball player it wasn't true but it was quite funny

  23. I girl is way stronger than that if u don't know guys can't even imagine the pain girls face

  24. Hey no offense but I'm a captain in the basketball team and I'm a girl and about girls in basket that you did 😂 is not true but it ok 😂 it was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

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