Get A PERFECT Shooting Arc in Basketball! #Shorts -

Get A PERFECT Shooting Arc in Basketball! #Shorts

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In today’s video, Coach Taylor Statham is showing you exactly how to improve your shooting ability in basketball! A COMMON problem players run into in basketball, is not having enough shooting arc and shooting a basketball too flat.

In today’s training, you’ll get 2 EASY to do basketball shooting drills that will immediately help you shoot a basketball better and increase your shooting arc. Let’s get into it!

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  1. I only do dunk and dunk again XD

  2. Finally I Love Basketball TV is spending time with me dropping them bangers

  3. Ima show these drills to my friend cause his shot flatter than a pancake 🥞

  4. can you make a vid bout basketball stretches before practice or a game? Would help a lot.

  5. I do drill 2 everytime I play. Best 5 shots in a row

  6. The shoot over the backboard drill is good 👍 I've been doing that for a couple of years now. I even do some 1-dribble pull ups from behind the board as well and can make 10+ in a row. Fr it really helps improve arc

  7. It’s been a long time since I commented on this channel. Nice video tho

  8. What if your ark is to high and you need to get it lower

  9. Please do a Speed Footwork tutorial i am fast at dribbling but my legs cant keep up

  10. If I did still two I would be standing next to a tree

  11. U don’t have to have a highe arc to shoot a basketball it’s all about the spin to me😂 and the angle I shoot

  12. A good one directly underneath as well I did that with my shooting coach works really well

  13. That was very helpful, thank you for sharing this great content.

  14. Its a shame you couldnt play in the pba. Wouldve loved to see you tear up in here.

  15. ruining the elastic on your goofy ass white socks by cramming your pants into them, good job

  16. Nice, something you can do straight away that's quite simple.

  17. Him before making all those shots cut that out

  18. I did number two for a long time not knowing that it was helping me

  19. I have the opposite problem. Ive always shot with too much arch. Leads to airballs

  20. the authority to teach follows after a proof of skill in actual basketball arena through the teacher's own statistics or else it is all a story telling a lie.

  21. NBA players have higher release points mid range and in the paint than compared to when shooting threes.

  22. Is it just me or who else can listen to that swish all fay

  23. I’ve used both of these drills before and can tell y’all from first hand experience that they work when practiced consistently and with intention of getting better

  24. I almost wanted to recommend this drill to my friend but I remember that he still score eventhough his shots is flatter than a chopping board. No kidding.

  25. I usually do these drills for fun didn't it actually was a thing lol

  26. I need this my jumpshot left to get milk 4 years ago

  27. I've done both years ago I used 2 sit on the floor & shoot & bhind bak board

  28. Can u make a vid on how to fix ur elbow wen releasing. Because i have the bad habit of sticking my elbow out when shooting and my coach gets mad. Its very hard for me to fix and would like to know the most effective way to fix this habit. Thanks for always making these great videos and helping us improve our game.

  29. First drill I was like ok easy peasy second drill this mam on some tjass, marcelas howard, backyard trick shot drugs.

  30. You shoot with two hands and you think you know how to shoot a basketball…. Lmao

  31. No wonder I was good at 3s when I was younger I'd always be shooting behind the backboard

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