Get A PERFECT Shooting Arc in Basketball! #Shorts -

Get A PERFECT Shooting Arc in Basketball! #Shorts

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In today’s video, Coach Taylor Statham is showing you exactly how to improve your shooting ability in basketball! A COMMON problem players run into in basketball, is not having enough shooting arc and shooting a basketball too flat.

In today’s training, you’ll get 2 EASY to do basketball shooting drills that will immediately help you shoot a basketball better and increase your shooting arc. Let’s get into it!

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  1. No wonder I was good at 3s when I was younger I'd always be shooting behind the backboard

  2. I didnt even realize all these years I have been shooting behind the corner of the basket and its an arc drill

  3. Thanks heaps for the great amazing shooting drills! Cheers!

  4. Drill #2 forgot about the Kobe headfake first! 👍🏾

  5. Yeah my shoot is flat im 6’0 im good in the paint but i wanna get a pull up jumper like tracy mcgrady

  6. I just do the second drill as a trick shot, surprises people all the time but it’s easy once you know what you’re doing

  7. My shot is very flat ngl but still I have high percentage on the perimeter

  8. I don't understand how some NBA players can shoot so badly if they have coaches to fixe It

  9. The camera man needs to stay focused on the shooter throughout the entire shot. Making the basket isn't important here. It's watching and learning the fundamental of the shot.

  10. I'm 55 years old. Thanks but kinda past my prime ASS hole!!!!!

  11. What shoes are being worn here, in this demo?

  12. I wouldn’t recommend shooting at the highest point I’d recommend shooting on the way up trust

  13. Great drills for arc but dang ur shot and release is ugly

  14. Soon as he said shooting flat lol I already knew I shoot like that

  15. Imagine this guy teaching Rick berry how to shoot

  16. You should check MJ shoots. You will be surprised…

  17. Dude is giving shooting tutorials and doesn’t even keep his elbow in 🤔

  18. Do you have any drills for working on your jump shot

  19. Drill 1 nothing but net drill 2 nothing but net

  20. My shot is VERY flat so ima have to try these

  21. I'm gonna start playing basketball 🏀 at my school and thx for the advice

  22. thanks because someone bullied me for being bad at basketball

  23. bruh this lokey helped me make varsity today after practicing theses drills for hours

  24. Got me in the first half I thought he will shoot from three

  25. I'm a teen mom with 2kids
    Basketball was my dream before I became a mother ! But I decided to join a team and fulfill my dreams 🥰☺️☺️☺️☺️

  26. Haven’t played basketball for 2 years but I do these for fun & my shot actually got better than when I used to play

  27. I love this youtube channel so much because they give so much useful tips that actually work.

  28. When I shoot flatter I’m a bucket, but then I brick when I put arch

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