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Led by Anthony Edwards’ 34 points, 6 rebounds and 4 3pt. FG, USA defeated Germany, 99-91 after trailing by as many as 16 points. Tyrese Haliburton added 16 points and 3 assists in the victory, while Dennis Schroder tallied 16 points and 10 assists for Germany. Team USA closes out exhibition play 5-0 and are set to begin the FIBA World Cup in the Philippines on Saturday, August 26 vs New Zealand (8:40AM ET, ESPN2)


  1. Schröder went OFF! 🤯 I wish he played like this in the playoffs for LA 😢

  2. I’m convinced Anthony edwards can score whenever he wants he just posters someone whenever the team needs a jolt

  3. close game. bet germany can beat them this WC

  4. Glad USA lost maybe know next time they play international basketball they will leave there egos at Home.

  5. arrogant blacks go home!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. watching thus they lose to Germany now in the semi-finals

  7. But now they lost in Germany in the real stage 😶

  8. USA was trying to find a way to avoid Serbia in finals and they succeeded 😀

  9. just realized this is from aug 20 and not sept 7 :/

  10. 113-111 Germany to the gold medal game 😂

  11. 12:06 travel is a microcosm of why the U.S. lost to Germany today. 😂 world champs. No NBA team has been the world champ since 2000 when FIBA discontinued the McDonalds World Championship tourny. And stop lying and overhyping todays NBA players – they are NOT better than golden age NBA and clearly NOT better than world players judging from this L. Overhyping, load managing, promoting a bagless hasbeen player as face of the league is not how the NBA gets on the road to recovery.

  12. When a game between the bests USA againts Europe?

  13. …and the winner of the NBA of course remains the "World Champion"😂😂. Respect to Germany. I hope they become the real world champions.

  14. Poor defense by the US team. Specially on the guards. US is too soft. We need to change that softy culture.

  15. This USA team needs another high level center more.

  16. I fucking watched this whole fucking thing thinking it was the semis. Up 7 with a minute left im like how tf we lose?

  17. Stolz auf die Deutschen Jungs 🎉🎉🎉

    Proud of my German Boys🎉🎉🎉

  18. So I keep on hearing usa saying they lost they didn't send there big dogs,does this mean AD n Branson are jus average players?n whom were they playing against that is so big?

  19. Dennis Schroder said “lunch ready who is ready to eat?”

  20. Why didnt they play Kessler we got a good big ??????😮

  21. It’s clear Germany was always a threat. This was an exciting game but after this performance US should’ve prepared for them more in the semis

  22. It is crazy how germany has the lead majority of the game, but USA catched up and got the win.

    But when the actual world cup happened, germany eliminated the US at the semi finals and they eventually won Gold. Lol

    This shows that germany is the better team even in this game. They just choked at the final quarter. But they learned from it and defeated the US at the semis and eventually won the world cup. 😂

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