Game Of Basketball vs Trash Talker -

Game Of Basketball vs Trash Talker

Dexton Crutchfield
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Game Of Basketball vs Trash Talker

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  1. Not going to lie the trash talker jumpshot because kind of whack up

    I give your shooting a 10/10 yor jump shot is better

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  3. If anything he’s the trash talker🤣🤣

  4. I’m 4’5 and I can dunk a Oreo in a Glass of milk

  5. I was expecting the trash talker to ya know… trash talk

  6. Trash talker: Your trash noob
    Everyone:Omg the trash talker lost
    Also Everyone: Boo hoo who is the bad one now

  7. You're good at balancing but I think you need a little bit more practicing

  8. Bro Dex looked like a 2k Dame Lillard and I'm just spitting facts

  9. The trash talker doesn't seem so mean imo he's pretty cool

  10. He’s so short and can jump so high he has to be one of the best athletes out there.

  11. Trash Talker: IMA BEAT YOU! Dexton:We’ll See about that. Final Score: Dexton:17 Trash Talker:15 Told Ya. Trash Talker 😭😭😭

  12. God man old vid but Ngl no disrespect but gosh the D in this vid was terrible like you guys made little to no effort to block shots or even make them contested. Hope that the newer 1v1s have a bit more D.

  13. him not saying a word
    u trash talking but he trash talker xD

  14. The trash talker is adult me only shoot 3's lol

  15. Why Is He Saying The N Word Much I Can Say It But Im Not Commenting It On A Kids Yt Video But Yall Both Real Good At Basketball

  16. 16:06 where I´m from we call that ''being Argentinian''. I would not be proud of that point

  17. Why do I think the trash talker is Dowel Embid

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