FULL PLAYOFF BASKETBALL GAME, WNBA SEMIFINALS GAME 4: Connecticut Sun @ Chicago Sky | October 6 2021 - bestfungamesll.com

FULL PLAYOFF BASKETBALL GAME, WNBA SEMIFINALS GAME 4: Connecticut Sun @ Chicago Sky | October 6 2021

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  1. Very proud of those ladies. And this year it looks like they may repeat.

  2. Candace Parker Great game tonight Baby I Love you so much Baby Gn Baby

  3. Told y'all…CP3 ain't messin around. Someone must have told her she couldn't. Derek Fisher is her primary motivation, with his raggedy coaching azzzz. LOL

  4. Candance Parker is Legendary! Hey, I hope everyone is doing ok-Stay motivated ✌

  5. If Candace Parker brings a championship to Chicago, GOAT status certified.

  6. Candace Parker a one of a kind female basketball player. Once she retires deserves to have a monument like Magic, Jabbar, Shaq, Jordan, Wilkins and among the other legendary greats of basketball

  7. Nice to see Pippen there. He should suit up as Sky assistant coach and get his 7th championship.😁

  8. People be saying CP3 is washed but that's far from the truth. She's a beast actually!

  9. Hello, you will upload the game of Las Vegas?

  10. Чинтогтох Бадмаадорж says:

    Amazing game.amazing Parker

  11. Love and appreciate your content…. Much love from 🇯🇲

  12. Great game for the Sky, thank you for the uploads!

  13. I was at the game. The Sky did great and Candace is a true warrior! Go Sky!

  14. SUN should have continue play without Alyssa Thomas…since her return to the game it doesn’t impact the team in a great way to me, no disrespect but it is evident.. THIS CANNOT BE THE SAME DAMN TEAM… BUT THE SKY ROCKS IN THE PLAYOFFS

  15. CP3 got her revenge against Connecticut after they eliminated the Sparks last season.

  16. Suns is such a disappointment this team is so good but can't find ways to score when they need too

  17. That's it be aggressive and win games something spark didn't have back then and still pending…lol

  18. What up Fam! I can’t find the full game 4 for Las Vegas vs Phoenix 🥺 yall hooking that up?

  19. Are you going to post the Aces vs Mercury game 4? I would like to see how the Aces got their mojo back after being beaten by 26 and 27 the last two games.

  20. Are you uploading the Mercury/Aces Game 4 PLEASEEEEEEE

  21. Playoffs? Playoffs??? Thought the WNBA went out of business.

  22. Every time I see Candace I see Pat Summit!!!!!! She is Pat Summit.

  23. So wait Phoenix just lost the NBA finals and WNBA finals LOL

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