FULL PLAYOFF BASKETBALL GAME, WNBA FINALS GAME 1: Chicago Sky @ Phoenix Mercury | October 10, 2021 - bestfungamesll.com

FULL PLAYOFF BASKETBALL GAME, WNBA FINALS GAME 1: Chicago Sky @ Phoenix Mercury | October 10, 2021

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  1. No thanks , I would rather watch paint dry than cast my eyes on the misery of women trying to play badketball

  2. Somebody better tell those aces ta get ready to receive this same treatment trying to go against my hometown Chicago IL defending Champs 🏆 this year

  3. ❤️WNBA 🏀 Watching from London UK 🇬🇧

  4. I hope all 3 people that watched this shit had a good time.

  5. Congratulations 2 Chicago Sky 4 bn the WNBA Champions …who clearly proved 2 b the best team winning this series 3-1 ! Candace Parker is still incredible just plays the game with such brilliance on a cerebral level. The only part of this game that irked my nerve was watchin' this scam #goat award bn handed out 2 diana taurasi. All game long diana taurasi is lookin' 4 the refs 2 bail her out when they've bailed her out most of her career while she was pushin' off defenders 2 get her shot off. Anyway congrats 2 Khaleah Copper bn named MVP & Candace Parker 2x Champ helping bring that chip back 2 her hometown.*(Rebecca Lobo is 2 funny… actin' like if sophie cunningham were on the court she would lock down Khaleah Copper.)

  6. Yay.. Thank you so much for uploading this. 😍😍😍😍
    Go CP3😍😍😍

  7. Daiana fould shaping the other player fragrant fould all day

  8. Chicago understands the importance of Rest and Recovery. Phoenix better understand that same assignment if they want a chance to win. Thanks so much for this upload.

  9. CP showing the Sparks what they lost haha

  10. Mercury don't have the shooting that sky has big to slow if they go small too small..lol

  11. Mercury lost the 1st game as well to the Aces and look how that series turned out. We were fatigued. I expect another career high from Diana Taurasi in Game 2. Still lots of basketball left everyone. Go Mercury

  12. mercury got mirked.. Sky killed them in transition. Yea DT was pulling up from the parking lot but mercury looked like they were not ready

  13. I can't believe that they allowed Diana to do all of this fouling the way that she's done in both of the Semi and Final GAMES!!!

  14. When you have more than four Sky players in double digits, you know they're going to win!

  15. Yep and the games they won against the sky in regular season. Parker didnt play and it's a totally different team when she's on the floor for the sky.

  16. 54:45 Taurasi couldn’t possibly think that wasn’t a foul lol No way.

  17. Parker going to show what they missed by not selecting her to the Olympic team

  18. Hubinrusu su Ausuksy 🕘 su cute new e;*70

  19. D is the key for Chicago Sky to win the C! LET'S GO CHICAGO,!!!

  20. kaleah is an NBA-built athlete, she is auntie drew!

  21. It wasnt cuz they were fatigue the sky won cuz they better n fast n transition n cuz kaleah copper is a superstar n the making .n the sky dont panic..dont forget yall the sky beat conn the # 1 team convincingly who had won 14 n a row .n that's not luck n it wasnt luck tonight either so give the sky their dues.GO SKY GO COPPER N GO VANDERDLOOT N GO QUIGLEY N GO CP3

  22. wow took phoenix that long to figure out, all you had to do was switch most of that.

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