FULL PLAYOFF BASKETBALL GAME, WNBA FINALS GAME 1: Chicago Sky @ Phoenix Mercury | October 10, 2021 - bestfungamesll.com

FULL PLAYOFF BASKETBALL GAME, WNBA FINALS GAME 1: Chicago Sky @ Phoenix Mercury | October 10, 2021

Women Hooping
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  2. Thank you for this upload, keep it up 😊

  3. Chicago has a much deeper lineup. DaShields and Dolson coming off the bench are producing so well.

  4. I love some some CP3 and Chicago sky don’t get me wrong but DT was pulling up from the parking lot she was not playing

  5. Taurasi is such a dirty player, elbows and so many extra movements. Female grayson allen

  6. Comments about wives is not part of a bball game, please stop. I don't want to be indoctrinated by watching bball. Once or twice. Not the whole game. Please stop. I am gald and a proud supporter of womens and the growth of the game. Love they love each other but the game is the game. I want to watch and listen to the game. WNBA supporter. gametime i love it. ❤ ex girls coach too. Bball player are just that. We all are family. One ❤ love 💘

  7. Let's say this out loud "The Mercury suck at home". Wish we didn't have home court advantage. Our home court is our bane this season. We better pull one out on Wednesday. We are way overdue for a home victory. Oh, and before someone tries to correct me, 2 of our "home" games were NOT in our house. ASU and GCU DO NOT COUNT as home court. Did other teams have to go thru that? Just curious.


  9. Chicago is so deeeeep…And Quigley and Copper is the x factor honestly..CP is legendary she elevates the entire team..She is the glue, the equator, if you will. But they can win a game if she scores under 10. If Quigley doesn't score, Chicago struggles. She seriously gets underlooked. Copper wants to win. Hands down. There's no stopping her except injury. It's as if she gets better every single game.

  10. Get rid of taurasi ! So many privileges for nothing !

  11. You can’t have a top five if Maya Moore isn’t in it.So you damn sure can’t have a top 25 an she not in it. It would be hard for any one to argue Maya isn’t the GOAT.

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  13. Phoenix Mercury woopen ass sky duke they finna win the finals watch 🥱

  14. The WNBA "GOAT" vote was a media-driven result with a Taurasi bias. The all-around offensive and defensive career game numbers do not support Taurasi as GOAT – the numbers support Tamika Catchings as GOAT. Look it up; its not even close. Taurasi is one dimensional compared to Catchings….but Catchings was never a "media darling" like Taurasi.

  15. 40:25 Rebecca Lobo with the brilliant "Danger, Danger, Will Robinson" call after Chicago, in a blink of an eye, goes on a 13-0 run.

  16. I have been trying to reach carolyn peck for years. If she reads these comments or if her friends or family read these comments, please tell her i am very proud of her. I used to play basketball with her 1 on 1 in Tennessee at norman, rusty and randies house in the back. She was a tall pretty pigtails wearing kid and tell your brother steve hi. I ran track and crosscountry at jefferson County hs. Go patriots. Never saw you play in college but i saw you win the national championship as a coach. Love watching you as an announcer.

  17. that was not a good call… that was not a technical …she has to be able to come down safely..clearly that was her follow thru after the shoot

  18. I missed game so i watched highlights. Fast forward Chicago up 8. Fast forward again Chicago up 22. It confused me cause i saw after game interview and Brittney acting/joking like they won. Diana can't do everything. Shout out to Candace Parker. I love her

  19. I just love the fact that nneka didn’t leave her seat even though she was the only one who stayed to watch until the last, while her teammates in the 25 wnba greatest players were gone, she really watched and supported her friend and former teammate CP. I love their friendship.

  20. I actually watched this over a football game..and ENJOYED IT! Loving how their game is evolving.

  21. Seriously. The only way I would watch this is if someone was paying me to.

  22. Phoenix seemed flustered. Looking forward to this series

  23. Diana is right, Phoenix got their asses beat, Phoenix can't keep up with Chicago, truth!

  24. What thing I noticed about chi team they don’t believe in team ball play it’s like every player for themselves I seen Candice open so many times for good open shots to score

  25. They didn't get the ball to britney enough 70 % should go through her let her draw the double and kick it out for the 3 if it's not there for her to score

  26. i live in illinois so i want sky to win the championship

  27. @Women Hooping. Are you going to put the WNBA Finals Game 3 on your channel?

  28. Attendance for Game 1 of the 2021 WNBA Finals was 10,191 fans.

  29. This is the first WNBA game I've ever watched … pretty entertaining !

  30. They have “playoffs”???? Cosplaying the NBA…. 😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  31. Diana Turasi is a dirty player! Imo…She absolutely tries to injure opponents. I've watched many of her games, and she constantly does vicious/ questionable fouls that are not basketball plays. Disgusting!

  32. It's funny when they get tired and start missing everything

  33. Quigley vandersloot coopper choppers chicago 2 deep hello 👋✌Phoenix don't want no smoke 💣💨

  34. очень круто хочу к вам😁😚

  35. Where are the full length finals games 3 and championship 4 Sky Vs Mercury 2021?

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