FULL GAME: WNBA Finals Game 4 With Above the Rim Camera Angles | New York Liberty vs Las Vegas Aces - bestfungamesll.com

FULL GAME: WNBA Finals Game 4 With Above the Rim Camera Angles | New York Liberty vs Las Vegas Aces

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  1. I really wish Liberty would have won but it was a great game to watch

  2. Spoiler alert: Yeah, the Las Vegas Aces beat the New York Liberty but it was by just one point: 70-69. As far as I’m concerned, the Liberty gave the Aces a tough row to hoe.

  3. Parker got that bus token ring, she was just along for the ride 😅

  4. Aces were down two of their best players (Gray and Stokes) and also a perennial All-Star (Parker, who was just beginning to fit in with the team.) Still, Aces came into New York and finished the series on the road. Aces are true champions.

  5. Aces had to be down 2 startes and a perennial all-star, just for the game to be competitive 😅

  6. That’s the most ridiculous camera angle I have ever seen! Absolutely ridiculous!!! Right over the top of backboard like that!!! I see you got the ability to shoot it from half court facing the basket and the time clock.

  7. Well, it's what we get for being sports fans in NYC!! All our teams do is tease the hell out of us, then crash and burn! It's our cross to bear. 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾

  8. The account of this page is Women Hooping 😂😂

  9. Stewie 3 for 17 shots? Season MVP?? 😮😮😮

  10. Anyone else here because the highlight video had no sound?

  11. Much more watchable without the lame commentary

  12. Hated that timeout w/ 8 seconds left. Liberty had the momentum and the gal w/ the ball is known to be a great shooter/scorer–she should've taken the shot.

  13. coaches lapses they dont call timeout earlier…draw a offensive set up much more time😅

  14. Thank you for this video! 🙏🙏

  15. Wow!! I liked the no commentary. The camera angles took me a while to get use to but overall, this was a pretty cool watch. Thanks for posting this game for us fans. Congrats, Las Vegas Aces!! I was hoping New York could get the win and force a Game 5 and possibly win that one. We gotta get a Championship Banner up in the New York.

  16. This is the first and only athletic event that has made me cry. I’m so proud of the Aces!! What a beautiful way to win: by using everybody on the bench and showing the world how strong of a TEAM they are 🔥🔥🔥🏆 I love this game ❤🏀

  17. Love the view from the top – much prefer this view to the traditional side view. Wonder if the camera has a wider angle to reduce side-to-side movement and be less jarring to the viewer. Hope the NBA will adopt this camera as well.

  18. Without Han Xu, Liberty loses. The End.

  19. Can’t wait until chuck creates his own team of all Newly changed Identified him/her men’s super stars and create his own team. They will be in the women’s league and his team will absolutely dominate every game and every championship for years!!!! I can’t wait to watch it

  20. Its almost 2 hours of dizziness. Lol.

  21. Une information si MJ aurait jouer dans les dernières minutes elles auraient gagner peut être ça malheureusement on le saura jamais a mediter

  22. I tried to watch, but the second play with that stupid turnover showed me it’s not watchable!

  23. WNBA is a crap product……
    It was fun 2 watch in the beginning….
    Play didn’t get better it’s worse…

  24. thank you for the upload. Women Hooping, you're the bestest!

  25. THE MVP OF KIA BRE WENT MIA IN THE FINALS JUST TRY AGAIN NEXT YEAR who was that liberty player with her head in the bucket 🪣 😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Just think Candace Parker will be back with the Aces next season. 3peat!

  27. Ooof at the 20 sec mark Sab was bringing the ball up in transition and didn't see JJ wide open streaking to the basket. Her back was turned to the hoop so she didn't see her. She's gonna regret that when she sees it. Anyway, go Aces!

  28. Congrats.
    Definite NOT a fan of this camera angle

  29. I mean…Aces did that. It was close but yet and still they brought it. Liberty, yall ate a great team and it showed. Go Aces!❤❤❤❤

  30. Those two las minutes were really exciting. But still, I think Liberty has had other matches where they´ve performed better. There were several missed passes and misses catching the ball down low. Hope to see them fight for the championship again next year

  31. I am so mad.

    I had 2 WNBA tickets in my car.

    Somebody broke into my car last night and I have 4 WNBA tickets now.

  32. What is this? I dont even watch basketball but i do know that they miss and make too many mistakes

  33. I have discovered the biggest let down w the wnba. It’s the camera 🎥 😅

  34. dont know much about basketball, but after watching women and man matches for 5 min, I can understand the hate, when female players demand equal pay. this is way to boring in comparison to the men

  35. Who says this is better than NBA, you need a reality check whoever you are hahaha

  36. Attendance for Game 4 of the 2023 WNBA Finals was 16,851 fans.

  37. Many thanks for uploading a Full WNBA Game!
    This really helps understand (with a view from Europe) the US discussion about comparable salary for Both NBA and WNBA-Players. Simply ridiculous as absolutly non-comparable at all, neither from a Sports nor from a commercial Perspektive…

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