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Full Court Shot Challenge

That’s Amazing Shorts
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First to Make Full Court Shot Wins! #shorts


  1. Man Basketball in the backyard is a fucking dream of mine and love the vid every time me and my brother or friends go to the court we do this airball so many and finally make one 😂😂

  2. “Ohh I air balled” you’ve been air balling this whole time 🤣

  3. What if the basketballs hit you each other one and just maid it in

  4. He made the vid longer when he hit the ball mid air lol

  5. I have a tip stop throwing the ball a try to shoot it maybe it’ll help you it’s different for everyone

  6. I think the behind the back one went in

  7. l like your videos you the best YouTuber ever see ♥️

  8. Every time the ball spin n slow motion uk u makin da shot

  9. Everybody do realize this is there backyard what a life lmao can’t hate get em boys

  10. Bro I can’t even throw it halfway and they getting it over full court

  11. Their name literally follows after their shots amazing

  12. Bro that’s amazing Is a mix of dude perfect and mr beast, I enjoy your videos keep it up!

  13. If you pin this comment you will get 8m subscribers in just 4 months

  14. When matthew airballed I thought it went in 🤔

  15. How much brothers and sister do u have i have one who is blind he has passed 10th(matric) recently but i have no one to play with 😭😥🥺

  16. Ok has enybody notice that tommy always has a bandage on his chin

  17. Full court can be at the other free throw line like for the opposing team just make it raiser for your self

  18. The family did this and I was like throws the ball and my son was like throws ball and hits ball and his ball goes in

  19. Must be nice to have that shit in your backyard

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