FULL BASKETBALL GAME, PLAYOFFS ROUND 2: Phoenix Mercury @ Seattle Storm | September 26, 2021 #WNBA - bestfungamesll.com

FULL BASKETBALL GAME, PLAYOFFS ROUND 2: Phoenix Mercury @ Seattle Storm | September 26, 2021 #WNBA

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  1. Love to see when the teams get along win or lose

  2. That Saturday game had a vibe like this!!! Very close game. WNBA needs more rivalry like Storm vs Mercury.

  3. storm needs a coach that knows how to manage talent because clearly that isn't happening with quinn

  4. LOLLLL you can literally just put Benny Hill Music on EVERY fucking play , so cringy

  5. All this lesbians that want to be men and still can't dunk😒 SMDH

  6. If their was no injury Seattle would’ve won

  7. All hats goes out to Diana doing it on one foot that's y u are call the GOAT well done

  8. What a great game!!! Really hope Sue will play one more year so she can play in the new arena

  9. Dee x sue the goats thing awesome and the legends can do it 🐐💪🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Sue and Dee are love ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭

  11. Finally the CROWD is BACK … WNBA was so booooooring without the folks cheering that i didnt watch the season, it made me to sad

  12. Please Sue, DONT GO … the Family will miss you a lot 😭

  13. I killed satan horns stereotypicals through motivation song in 1killed dat ish pt.1 in 2009

  14. Loyyd should go back to basics….she knows she struggle but never try to pass the ball to her teammate…what a sad ending for sue…but a good game for the league

  15. Such a great game, but Seattle Storm doing what they do best winning it all the previous year and than losing in the first round of the playoffs the next year, 2005, 2011, 2019& now adding to their resume 2021. Great finish for Phoenix!

  16. Diggins and Taurasi.. Intimidating the refs. Winners 👌

  17. Phoenix doesn't deserve a team this good. Their fans are great but the team is treated like crap by the city. Move them to a city that would care, like Vancouver, Toronto, or Portland.

  18. It's almost impossible to stream the WNBA in OZ 🇦🇺So grateful for this stream. Cheers to the GOATs for an epic game!! 🤙

  19. Skylar and Griner played excellent in this game:

  20. Sue Bird said she'd want to finish her career at the new arena. Holding her to that 🤞

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