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Full Basketball Game | FINAL: USA v Spain | FIBA U17 Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022

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Watch the Final game between USA and Spain at the FIBA U17 Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022. #fibau17

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  1. estados unidos siempre le gana a España en las finales.


  3. Some people are too jealous that hate you when you're number 1.

  4. Give USA recognition they deserve. They work hard to defend the title. This is a perfect example of " People hate you when they can't beat you"

  5. "People hate you when they can't beat you"
    Long live USA basketball team, people will always discredit your success but keep playing and keep on winning. Love from Philippines.

  6. estados unidos siempre ase pedazos a sus rivales en las finales, nunca se rinden.

  7. Three pointers by Spain just too good.

  8. Spain 🇪🇸 very worthy adversary u know how easy it is to be intimidated by the 🇺🇸 ,played their best, nothing g to be ashamed of congrats 🇺🇸

  9. USA once more! job well done! gotta admire USA's commitment and dedication to SPORT!

  10. congrats to the two teams. But didnt like the lady official gesture at the end. These are still kids Madam, Respect them…

  11. USA Basketball player no 9 AGARA go go go go too be a good always the best player of no 9 USA player too be really playing more often on the floor too at all times too… And that are be really AGARA you are the best player for the Hopkins basketball teams too on the floor too be playing with your Hopkins teams players too of AGARA ok

  12. Oh, the peasants lose to us again. How typical.

  13. Oh, the peasants lose to us again. How typical.😂😂😂😂

  14. Bravo España, no ha podido ser el oro, pero seguís siendo unas auténticas campeonas !!! . ENORMESSSSSSS

  15. Se enfoca al ganador … El campeón es el que importa… cuando España gano la semi final fue la dueña de las cámaras .. sean imparciales…

  16. Spain on every level in basketball is so good! Whether it’s u17 or Olympics they raise their ballers well in Spain. Hats off from a American!

  17. La parcialidad es aberrante, desde el inicio las cámaras le dedican mas tiempo al equipo español… enfáticamente no soy pro USA

  18. Por seguir a una jugadora española no enfocan las sustituciones de equipo USA, tiempo 17: 37 primer cuarto


  20. Malos, malísimos, parciales . USA es el ganador se corono campeón, ellas tenían que haber sido las enfocadas

  21. The most boring basketball ever . I’ll never ever watch any women basketball .

  22. Felicidades a nuestras chicas 🇪🇸🇪🇺 y muy impresionado por el CARÁCTER demostrado en cada partido. 👌💞💪👋👋👋👋👋

  23. That last layup by Hidalgo from the US was sooooo disrespectful…

  24. Estados Unidos es un equupazo y con grandes equipos es donde de demuestra las buenas jugadoras

  25. I am proudly Spanish!!!!! USA are the best, GREAT VICTORY!!! Proud of Spanish team

  26. i came here for NUNU AGARA!!! Congratulation team USA!!!

  27. ¿por que la 8 de España parece que tenga un ojo morado?

  28. Spain wins 4beautiful model looking players✌🔥

  29. No country can beat USA🇺🇲🏀👍

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