Friga Fam vs East Coast Squad!! YOUTUBE BASKETBALL GAME OF THE YEAR!! -


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Ballislife East Coast Squad vs Friga Fam has been a match up we’ve been waiting for AGES and it FINALLY happened.. Much love to D’Vontay Friga, J Lew, Kam, Fomby, Pantos, Nathan and Mark. We can’t wait for the eventual rematch!!

If you’d like to watch the full 2 hour broadcast please head on over to to get the full game experience.

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  1. Pantos low key my favorite. He's a player that you Hate playing against but love to have on your team

  2. J Lew, Kam, Mark, and Friga really playing good smart ball.

  3. i know ballislife has real hoopers but friga is a REAL REAL hooper, he plays with the IQ like he’s in a actual game, with spacing, help defense, sets and motion plays.

  4. WNBA should add these sound effects lol this was that level of game

  5. Great game ruined by bad camera shootting, shameful…

  6. big e that fat guy was a mistake to take on the team. sucks on d and useless on offense all talk no game. always hated bigs that think theyre guards

  7. Tim hasn’t been “clamp god” since he’s came back from his injury 😪

  8. i jus dont get the freethrow n fouls thing but this was littt, has east coast beat anyone?

  9. The random stroke that thing Cuzzo 😂😂😂

  10. Friga Fam is legit. Mark and Jlew showed they azz that last game too. The team has great chemistry

  11. Friga, Kam, and jlew were feeling this game. Friga fam all locked in together too

  12. I love jleww but his defense is horrible lmaoooooo, he took overrr that last game tho

  13. they would neva do west coast squad like that 😂

  14. Team Friga had such good chemistry. I mean they play together and against each other constantly, and you can see how well they know each other.

  15. Duke is a freak athlete but Friga is clearly the all around better player, I love how he doesn’t get frazzled no matter what he just keeps his cool and keeps balling.

  16. Havent watched BIL in over a year and its great to see how Milley's game has changed and to see he has become an overall better BB player

  17. we want you guys to WIN you guya have so much talent its crazy! love tho gang

  18. yo where d bonds at? would've made a huge difference.

  19. The big difference is Friga’s team played better team basketball. I’ve always thought East Coast was a collection of talented individual players, but lacked good team basketball compared to other squads. They need someone like Nitty to be an on-the-court coach

  20. Duke tried to take a charge instead of contesting that last shot smh

  21. Yall ain't shit for making cel cut his stream but left Kenny own to run

  22. Friga been hitting GameTimes since day 1. 🔥

  23. GGs 💯 thank you for the event BIL 🙏🏽 thank you to the fans for tuning in ! 1M+ streams

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