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  1. Wemby est un alien. J'espère qu'il fera vibrer la NBA et tous ses fans. Go Spurs, go France 😊

  2. If I was pop I’d make all the players watch these games so they can see how wemby needs that pill💯💯💯 and this dancing bear tough

  3. It almost seems surreal that Ntilikina has some semblance of a decent basketball player in this setting.

  4. I see see two eifel towers in this team. Damnn

  5. this is not even turkeys team A, ofcourse france win this game ez…

  6. The team passing is terrific. To me this is what old time All Star games looked like. Real attempts at defense and slice em up passing and setting up teammates. Very entertaining. Should have this game on an Olympic channel or ESPN so people can actually watch it. Cause hoop fans would. Wemby and Gobert teaming up? Forget about it.

  7. I just want to know… Where are the french?… Soccer, Basket… they really never play…

  8. No one wants two morons commentating, we all have eyes and ears. Smh.

  9. Right now, replace the whole Spurs roster with the French squad; Wemby's teammates should be aware of who is in charge and act without ego.

  10. sskip atmışlar
    amuğa kodumuuun artislerine hadlerini bildirmiş zenciler

  11. Good game but take wemby out the game when up 30!!!

  12. France looking like strong contenders.

  13. Where s N 1 and N 2 draft NBA 2024 RISACHER 🇫🇷 et Alexandre SARR 🇫🇷. ????

  14. This is the most disgraceful match in the history of Turkish Basketball.Even if it is a friendly match,I hope there will never be a match like this again.This match ended like this, not because France was good,but because Türkiye was very bad.What should be talked about here is not France,but Türkiye.Definitely.

  15. Wemby finally remembers what it is like being in a winning team😂

  16. I was thinking nobody see this scandal score so I was happy, after that nba official account posted that video. What a shame for my country. Fu*king wembanaysmamshsn 🤬

  17. French team will be scary good in the Olympics

  18. They’ll beat the USA and be the Olympic champion.

  19. 😂😂😂😂😂🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃

  20. France Team is like all best African Power. 😂😂😂😂

  21. I give it 2 more years before Wemby is the NBA MVP

  22. Türkiye Alperen Şengün Cedi Furkan Korkmaz Ömer ve Onuralp Bitim Yoktu Bu Maçta ve Fransızlara Karşı Oynamadık Kenya Senegal Afrika Karması 😂😂 bi bok olmaz Fransa’dan hepsi bok çuvalı

  23. This is not Frnce, this is Africa! Find me a one French black politician. This is a representation of French colonies and slaves!

  24. Gobert out there looking like a Small Forward

  25. With all due respect but türkiye dont even have a single starter in this team, only some of them are qualified to play from the bench in a real türkish national team , this is not even a türkiye B team , yes france is hot , there is no doubt

  26. Spurs Dynasty on the bring of returning. What a good time to be a Spurs fan! Wemby looking sharp and healthy!

  27. Leave one arm and go back to the country, shameless men

  28. Huge Yarak for Turkey 😂😂😂🦃🦃

  29. The new twin Eiffel towers 😫😳😤🗼🗼

  30. Je m'attendais pas à voir la France sur la chaîne YouTube de la plus grand insistution de basketball.

  31. Lots of young French guys got drafted this year. If things work out for them, France will be lethal in coming years.

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