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Floyd Mayweather Proves He’s Better Than Some NBA Players At Celebrity Basketball Game

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Floyd Mayweather throws celebrity basketball game day after fighting Conor McGregor

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  1. Floyd lost in land of giants.. kkk

  2. The one nigga you don't wanna throw hands with if he pisses off on the court gonna hit you with the 50-0 combo 😬

  3. Mayweather got a big as head ! What the Fook ! !!!

  4. Stupid title. Lets be clear..mayweather is not better than any NBA player..ever. period. To say different is to have no understanding of the sport at all

  5. Deceiving headline (to me) – I'm sure Floyd can ball, just ain't seein' it here

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  7. Can someone please tell me where he shows it🤔 second time watching this vid and I still don't see it.

  8. I know this video old. But it just popped up on my shit. BUT… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THESE CLICK BAITING ASS HEADLINES LATELY?! This video didn't show a damn thing. Especially nothing that says floyd can hoop better then some nba players. Smfh. This click bait is a epidemic.

  9. Lol u crazy as hell if u think Floyd got better ball skills than some NBA players…. just cuz alot of players dont got house hold names like LeBron/KD/SCurry etc.. dont mean they cant play Lol.. Floyd can probable play better than most players at your local park or 24hr Fitness Lol u made my day with this video Lol be eazy n stay blessed

  10. Notice nobody even was guarding him!!! They just let the baby showboat since it was his charity!!!

  11. He's horrible. Just another thing Floyd is better at. I'm being a jerk, he is a great boxer.

  12. Hahahah it’s so funny. He made two plays and y’all just repeated the plays but from different angles. He sucks at basketball trust me everybody don’t even watch

  13. So where did he prove he's better than NBA players playing against celebs??

  14. Better then some NBA players! Lol. Which ones would that be? He can hardly dribble. Lol. Bounces the ball all the way up to his neck almost the whole time he has the ball. Nobody’s even trying to defend him.
    NBA….. thanks for the laughs!

  15. Even in basketball pacman is gonna eat him alive.

  16. Almost as bad as when putin plays hockey with the Russian players and they let him score like 6 goals

  17. Floyd has NO left hand. Jabbing yes, dribbling no.

  18. Manny Pacquiao is a better shooter.. floyd is a good runner.

  19. 4 pts and 1 rb? Lol Nair better than any NBA player. Btw I'm a big mayweather fan. He definitely top 3 best ever. I'd say Tyson 1 Ali 2 and mayweather 3. I should put mayweather at 2 but time will give him that. Nobody touches Tyson tho. Look out for Andre ward to. My boy from my city Hayward undefeated as well.

  20. Not one person put a hand in his face lol. No d on him at all

  21. All i know i this 40 year old 5”8 guy can dunk n i sadly cannot 😢

  22. A 12 yr old kid would school him in basketball stick with boxing lol

  23. He his a layup and a jump shot, and you call him better than an NBA player???? The worst NBA player would destroy him!!!lol

  24. His body is built for boxing. You can tell by the way he hoops.

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