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Florida vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 2 4 2023

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Florida vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 2 4 2023
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  1. How the hell am I on a Kentucky cat chat line😭

  2. I honestly don’t know where we stand in terms of being a NIT team or a tournament team that either is a first round exit or a sweet 16 bid. Some games we play well, most games we escape a catastrophic meltdown like LSU, and some games we just get popped in the mouth and stay down on the floor.

    I wished we had more of the OOC midseason to have more midterm evaluations because over half the SEC stunk it up against the Big-12, (Alabama is a good example) teams in that conference currently punching each other where I think the winner of that conference will have 6 losses and be a elite eight team.

    I do think this team is good, obviously has talent that needs to be perfected, Cal now finally learning how to use his players and the players knowing its roles. If we hit on all cylinders we can beat anyone like how we beat Tennessee in Knoxville. If we start slow and stink it up/Cal makes no halftime adjustments, we’ll lose horribly just like St Peters last year.

  3. Where is the Arkansas vs South Carolina game?

  4. Our biggest problem is consistency!!!We should have beat Fa. tonight by 20 pts. Where was Oscar? I know he rebounded, but he fouled out and only had 4 pts. He has got to improve on his defense. Still yet, I'm proud of our guys!!! Good job on the Win!! On to the next one!! BBN FOREVER!!

  5. Why was reeves out of game last 8 minutes?

  6. Nice win by Kentucky I see a top,,,5seed in the dance

  7. My boy CJ getting his mojo back!! Well deserved win glad Cal gave Collins some minutes man came in CLUTCH!! Wallace and wheeler top guard play tonight 👏 👏 👏 GO CATS!

  8. Calipari should always have 15 Scholarship Players! That's Stupid as Hell not to have what you are allowed! You can still have walk-ons, too, but that is just Common Sense ! Makes me Mad as Hell ! 👎

  9. Man we just don’t have that rim protector like we’ve had in the past. Like Davis or Noel or Kat or person. Many many good big guys. Even randle. Seems like that is what’s really missing in our defense. Toppin came up big tonight. For sure. Big coming next. We need to beat Arkansas in rupp. Have to.

  10. 17:54 Castleton body language says "I give up"
    Sad to do this to his team, they never recovered.

  11. Why is not a foul on one end of the court,not a foul on the other end?

  12. You could tell the refs want UK to play in the NIT.

  13. toppin fr so selfish he only cares about getting shots up and stats

  14. Cason Wallace is 1 of the best not only freshman In the country but player in general. Man he is a beast, the way he defends and has had numerous clutch moments this season. He is the best player on this team other than Oscar. Wish they would have found themselves sooner this season.

  15. Hopefully Oscar can step it up some, since looks like coaches have figured out how to shut him down.

  16. Are we not gonna talk about the usher at the end though lol

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