Final 5:36 WILD ENDING #1 Celtics vs #6 Pacers | Game 4 | May 27, 2025 -

Final 5:36 WILD ENDING #1 Celtics vs #6 Pacers | Game 4 | May 27, 2025

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The Boston Celtics advance to the NBA Finals for the 23rd time in their franchise history as they defeat the Indiana Pacers, 105-102, in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Jaylen Brown (29 points, 6 rebounds) and Jayson Tatum (26 points, 13 rebounds, 8 assists) combined for 55 points for the Celtics, while Derrick White added 16 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and a career-high 5 steals in the victory, along with the go-ahead three-pointer to give the Celtics the lead 45 seconds remaining in regulation. Andrew Nembhard tallied 24 points, 6 rebounds, and 10 assists for the Pacers in the losing effort. The Celtics win the best-of-seven series, 4-0, and will face the winner of the DAL-MIN series in the NBA Finals on 6/6 (ABC).

Jaylen Brown won the Eastern Conference Finals MVP.


  1. Joe Mazzula, after Tatum's 5th foul, took him out for a defensive play, used his timeout that he would've lost in the last two minutes, put Tatum back in, and Celtics won the remaining 3:30 7-0.

    Insane to me he wasn't at the very least a COTY finalist.

  2. Who cares, Dallas gonna kick Celtics ass anyway! 🤜

  3. Damn I aged so fast in a night lmao

    But one thing I have to say about these series is that it was a good one…no blowouts besides game 2 but kept it good and close and interesting…good sweep

  4. Bro spoiled the 2025 ecf script 😭💀🙏🙏

  5. In any other era Brown traveled as do most players nowadays. What was Nemhardt thinking, he was 0-3 and I don't recall any of them being good shot selections. Celtics, if you want to win, put on the black shoes.

  6. Congrats but I doubt they’ll going to have that luck against Luka and Kyrie. Unless Jru Holiday put the clamps on uncle drew 😭

  7. They were down 8 points, pacers choke and the coach come on cut out the momentum of pacers 😂😂😂hope lula can close out tonight sweep 🧹 to wolves

  8. Brown MVP
    Boston need KP and they be much better…Celtics be NBA Winner

  9. The amount of racism kyrie is about to experience going back to Boston lmao

  10. boston suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. what a boring nba finals, who watches this shit

  12. Celtics better get their 💩 together. The talent is so much better on the Celtics yet they had to fight tooth n nail to beat the pacers down the stretch. Mavs/Wolves have way more talent than the Pacers.

  13. How did these dogshit pacers even make the ecf?
    i swear the bucks or knicks would have been a better series

  14. How many times the pacers loss the ball? 😂😂😂😂

  15. nba is so predictable and trash now. the same thing happens every game.


  17. The time that i notice when celtics made a consistent 4-1 from MIAMI and CAVS then now from PACERS to be in 4-0 standing, that was incredible journey, and be the number #1 seed from eastern conference.
    It makes me blown away.


  18. @1:35 Nembhard pushes off right after they call Tatum for the same thing.

  19. 4:47 His pivot foot is right. He made 1 step and finished from his left foot. Is that legal?

  20. stop putting the final score in the thumbnails nba

  21. Tatum should've kept the game ball at the end by the final buzzer instead of hurling it to the rafters. Hopefully some lucky fan got it

  22. Congratulations Boston Celtics to the 2024 NBA Finals!

  23. Very rarely do you see a team that could easily be up 3-1 in a series get swept. Unless you’re the Lakers. Then it’s a yearly occurrence at this point to choke away games

  24. 2025 ? Lmfaoo just release the script Celtics making the finals again next year

  25. Next season. The Indiana Pacers will be known as Indiana Turnovers.

  26. Will the Celtics win the Finals?
    Me, is YES.

  27. Sweep them fool.. Knicks & spurs all day!!!!

  28. No way Dallas is beating Boston i put my life on it

  29. The meltics had the rookie mode path beat a cripple team no haliburton wow the Celtics are unbelievable 😂

  30. Why the time is flying after year? Like no predictions again

  31. i love jb but that possession at 6:10 was stupid. pass the ball. ik hes capable 😭

  32. The national media were horrible to the Celtics… and they sweep the ECF? The hot take media needs to rethink their tactics.

  33. Not once, twice but thrice…. Pacers choked

  34. There is an irony to this playoff matchup, Jim O’Brien used to Coach both teams

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