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EXPECTATION vs. REALITY playing girls in basketball

Lolo Fitzmo
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  1. as a girl who has played basketball with guys before i do not approve of this

  2. Why are women always toxic for no reason

  3. I'm the last mf to every one last thing someone needs in a game is doubting they self you ain't gonna win thinking like that

  4. Haven’t played basketball in a while but I remember in volleyball we’d clap every time we got a point and usually go congratulate the person

  5. So basically you just hate on him no matter what he does😢

  6. Ball hog yes all the time like why we are better then you anyways

  7. Guys… that’s.. that’s just her. Only thing I will say is don’t be a ball hog, that is annoying. But we won’t lose on purpose that’s just dumb

  8. These the type of bitches that get shit on by high-school age boys lmao😂

  9. This is actually true in my case cause I play basket ball

  10. fr and if we said it, they would do too much fr

  11. Yes I am a 10 year old 5foot2 girl and I play basketball and I am very good at layup’s they are also really easy

  12. Bro everyone is negative what are we supposed to do

  13. I mean considering the guy is better then you, him passing you the ball knowing u could miss it even if a male defender lays even a finger on u like cmon bruh. Not saying girls can’t hoop but like if he passing u the damn ball, better be no complaints

  14. We’re is all your sports man ship he actually supportive unlike you

  15. Must not really play basketball. Number one rule if there is no mercy show no mercy. If I could beat you by 3,000 points I will

  16. It's "just a lay up" but you're a female you suck at the game, so it's shocking when you score. Don't be so negative when people give you positive comments because they could make it to where you just can't score at all. But then they would be the a***** and that sonar yo as well. So no one wins just goes to show you can't please everybody. Shit personally you just wouldnt touch the ball playing with me im locking shit down 😂😂

  17. The girls I play against are literally taller than you now he’s just taking it easy on you because you know he could kick your ass

  18. For the first one you can't win because you go easy on them and they get mad at you. If you try then they get mad at you anyways so what does it matter?

  19. Awesome video. First one was funny. 😂😂😂

  20. This is how I feel when I play with my brothers friends

  21. In in the boys mind is Girl this girl really standing over there all alone without anything to do she sucks but at this game bro like get better

  22. On the second clip, it was a travel😊

  23. some guy needs to reply to this with only changing the words
    What girls think guys think when they play vs what they actually think

  24. Dawg the girl narrating this is kinda bein a bitch the only thing I really agree with is the ball hog situation

  25. Girls are just sometimes… not the best

  26. Yeah now if it was a guy doing this vid y’all wouldn’t be hating on him would you. I’ve seen it all

  27. That was a 2 handed layup I’m lokey shocked he congratulated u

  28. And if we do the opposite, you yell at us and we get called tryhards

  29. That last we fr always do cuz we hype eachother up…

  30. “The Ball Hog”? Bro was getting double teamed and you just stood there💀

  31. Lol the point is u only think we bois play 😂

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