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Every Team Adds Their Best Player Of All Time

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  1. Even in 2k Jordan can’t beat the Celtics 😭🙏

  2. Wait who would be the best player on MIA if not 99 bron?

  3. What would have happened if it was Cavs vs Lakers? Also, why no Lebron on Heat 😅

  4. Bulls is unfair haha. Trash rosters. Is like MJ 1980s all over again.

  5. So you telling me the Knicks ain’t make they Playoffs something seems fishy 😂

  6. It’s sad even Mike couldn’t save this bulls team in real life

  7. So you mean Kobe is much better than lebron because you said you add every all time star on every team

  8. kd over westbrook is nasty
    bro really snaked the thunder and is now the best all time😭😭

  9. Dang I was hoping for a Bron and Kobe vs Jordan Finals

  10. Even in retirement Larry still doing MJ dirty

  11. So basicallly MJ with buncha no namers vs 4-5 hofers each team lol

  12. Yo wemby and Timmy is a NASTY defensive backcourt

  13. Yea right. That’s at most a 4-1 Boston championship.

  14. AD stayed healthy enough to stop Dirk? Thats wild…

  15. MJ always had an ass bulls team Vs Prime Larry Bird on a stacked Celtics team. Very lore accurate

  16. Im shocked that AD didnt get injured for once 💀

  17. It didnt matter if is a game o reality bird still has paternity of jordan

  18. Nah Bird on this Celtics team is the champ.

  19. Lakers play way better in 2k than irl

  20. Vince should be nowhere near 97 he should be like 90

  21. I’m a proud born and raised Lakers fan and it is great to see my fav team win

  22. Oh no! Wait…Celtics just won in real life lol

  23. The bulls would not be at the sixers with Iverson and embiid.

  24. I love Kobe as much as the next, but gentlemen sweeping the nuggets ain’t happening

  25. kobe bryant isnt the all time greatest laker. doesnt know ball

  26. Kids really don't know 'bout prime Shaq – I love Kobe, but OVER Shaq gtfo here…

  27. Leflop doesn't belong on the lakers.

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