Ever wondered who picks the game ball? 🏀It’s actually chosen by the players & here’s how it works. - bestfungamesll.com

Ever wondered who picks the game ball? 🏀It’s actually chosen by the players & here’s how it works.

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  1. Pfff the pussyfication of today’s NBA is truly amazing

  2. Testing them magnets and shiii

  3. Basketball hand is cool hand vs ball ball is small

  4. Wo😂rks fine is both of my right and left yall need better headphones and yes i have right amd left panning but also 300$ pair of headphones

  5. LeBron gotta chill with all that licking shit.

  6. So if the 3rd ball will always be chosen if players can’t decide between the 2, then simply intentionally choose the 3rd ball and disagree with the other players ball so the one you want will get chosen by the equipment manager

  7. neither team choose this ball so this the one

  8. It is certanly NOT one of the most important things

  9. So if your opponent chooses a ball they like and seem to REALLY like it, it's in your best interest to choose the one you don't like, so then the refs will choose the 3rd, which you do like.

  10. If I was a player and knew I'd disagree with the other team's player, I'd just remember what preference the other guy has, and choose the other ball I don't want. Then when we both disagree, the ref will choose the 3rd ball (the one I wanted all along).

  11. One of the most important components of the game?? What the hell are you talking about?

  12. if you know the other player wants a specific ball and you want another one, say you want the 3rd one so that they take the one left over which his actually the one you wanted initially

  13. Crazy. Imagine if they can't agree and one says to the other, "if you don't agree with me, we'll end up with a ball neither of us likes!"

  14. it doesn't make sense having Boban to choose. 🤣

  15. I my opponent chooses a ball that I don't want, I just pick the 2nd ball of my preference, in that way I'll allways win. So if my opponent says no the refs will choose my 1st ball.

  16. Who chooses which speaker the voice comes out of?

  17. why make this video? all the dick riders are gonna be using this as their new excuse

  18. there should be one universal standard with same bounce and same grip.

  19. I yhought its was always a new ball, but an interview with memphis coach jenkins he said they were running out cos everyone keeps taking the game ball home.

  20. Jesus Christ loves you and is the ONLY Way to heaven friend ❤️❤️❤️

  21. I was actually going to say this was all made up for some views… but then I realized it was published by the NBA so it’s got to be legit. 😂

  22. The players that choose the 2006 ball must like watching the world burn

  23. Then the next game they bring back the same balls who weren't chosen again to the players. That's totally irrelevant.

  24. stepg couldnt pick the right ball for the longest

  25. Super cool!…At pick up games I’m always wondering why people choose the ball with the most worn down grip 😵‍💫

  26. i was checking to see if my headphones were broken because of this video.

  27. Didn’t Omar raja make this video?? Like word for word

  28. pls buy working microphone or dont upload videos on yt🤬

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