Ever wondered who picks the game ball? 🏀It’s actually chosen by the players & here’s how it works. - bestfungamesll.com

Ever wondered who picks the game ball? 🏀It’s actually chosen by the players & here’s how it works.

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  1. my left ear : "why are we here, just to suffer"

  2. Bruh she aint lyin, i can go from a ball with grip to a ball with no grip and go 7/10 wide open threes(grip) to 1/10 wide open threes(no grip) mainly cuz my ass got hydrosis, clamy hands bs 🤣😂 but hey, its part of the game

  3. honestly never thought about this even though we do this all the time, someone always got the good ball and someone always got some ragged up ball.

  4. Bro I can’t watch this with the way the audio is only playing in one airpod

  5. Perhaps one of the most important things?
    It's just a frickin ball…
    Or is it to avoid complaints if they struggle to hit?

  6. Postseason? We aren’t in baseball but I don’t know if they also call it postseason in basketball

  7. What if u big brain them just choose the ball u don't want and don't agree with the other one so u get urs

  8. My left ear had to explain to my right ear what the video was about.

  9. them: nah this one is a lil bit better
    me:OMG! i love my 1850 wooden basketball

  10. LOL, meanwhile the games I play, "yo, whichever is the Wilson Evolution"

  11. so if you're the away team, couldn't you just choose the ball you didn't want and always get the one you want? You could feel the chosen one, which you have a choice of, and then feel whichever one you wanted, then choose the opposite one. As such, you couldn't agree on a ball, and the one you, the opposing team wanted, is chosen as a result.

  12. I'm a huge and loyal fan of GSW since 2014 and I know about this just now

  13. And in the end the refs just pick 3 random balls to fuck with everyone.

  14. Don't watch this with headphones on.

  15. Shaq: "I used to deflate the balls before every game so I could grip them better."

  16. “Do you have any my size?” – Boban probably

  17. What is the difference between each one?

  18. “They use the third ball that neither of them chose.” Damn, clever.

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  20. 😭 I only have my left ear bud in and I’m reading the comments laughing

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