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Our giant basketball game is epic!
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Join us at the Curtin University Open day on August 6 from 10am-4pm to play the game yourself! Register online to play to be in the running for a $500 Rebel Sport Voucher:

Also HUGE thanks to Spalding Australia for supplying the Balls and Hoops – you guys are legends!

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  1. Every middle school should have one of these! This looks like so much fun, and a bit of exercise as well.

  2. This looks sooooooooooo fun!
    I'm curious, when the apparatus was finally completed, did anyone check to see that the baskets were 10 ft off the ground?

  3. why wouldnt i like your series ther is nothing bad about but it is 100% good and 0% bad

  4. Brett shoulda been able to play becasue of that FADE AWAYYYYYY!! 😁

  5. At 6:19, Stanford's ball switched lanes haha slight design flaw there

  6. 69 years 69 days 69 hours 69 minutes 69 second 69 nanoseconds

  7. Should make this a bit more easily assembled etc, take it to various school fetes and such, and say it costs $1 per game…all money going to the charity you guys started out supporting

  8. so sad i cant do that because i live in southampton england

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