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Epic 5v5 Basketball Game featuring AJ Lapray, D’Vontay Friga, Jordan Lawley and more

Chris Staples
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First, I want to give a huge shout out to Jordan Lawley for hosting all these amazing talented youtube influencers that use basketball as their platform to please so many fans around the world. This was a great 5v5 game. MUST SEE TV. Next…. I’m more than a dunker. Enjoy this 3 part series!

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  1. I'm trynna see a collab with Vince Carter the 🐐 but then again he is getting a bit old and then he just retired😫

  2. Thanks for showing no edits, everyone else showed all highlights lmao

  3. Intro was Great brings back some good memories

  4. @???? +2 lol x-D
    Coool 3x shots in this game

  5. I think camera in center is good than others, but it could be more stable
    13:30 AJ is +1, not +2
    That is cool video, watch how ytbrs playing each other, but i thing AJ is unrealised this game, and Jordan isnt heated up

  6. How does someone that jumps so fkn high miss lay ups?

  7. everybody who was sleeping on chris should watch this video

  8. Jianinisees Anetittie'akoonamatatapoo says:

    Finally AJ vs D Friga

  9. Aj is not even that good why they hype him so much in yt community..

  10. Not bad. But last 2v2 or 1v1 really better

  11. Maybe you can organize some streetball tournatent? I think its good idea

  12. Man I wish chris Dunked on em he woulda kill these mfs if he wanted to💪😂

  13. wow, this guys suck. the make one bucket out 10 shoots! so much for this so call Basketball influencers 🙂

  14. the travelers vs the people with some self respect

  15. CHRIS, AJ, FRIGA. My top 3 Basketball YouTubers.

  16. You should do a 1v1 against aj lapray. That would be 🔥🔥

  17. Thank you for showing the entire game and not just highlights. White IA needed to pass the ball to Friga more- he’s straight buckets. Also on White IA’s channel it looked like he shot like 80% from the field. Don’t get me wrong, he’s nice but just cool to see the actual game and not just highlights.

  18. You are The Best Chris you are my idol bro thnx

  19. Классно, очень классно)… from Russia)

  20. MY GUY… BEST INTRO EVER! Thank You for trip down memory lane.

  21. Caleb is the fattest in shape dude ever lol

  22. The camera man is garbage but nice game

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