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  1. The lil steph curry playing on a 3 foot rim

  2. Brody Stone’s slow mo team is in my state

  3. bruh they move more professional than i do

  4. That terry holt guy even got the attitude

  5. I vs the first kid in an aau game and we lost by a game winner to him

  6. Wow!!! These kids are hooping!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. the kids could probably beat flightreacts 😹

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  9. Bruh these kids will brake my ankles no 🧢.. I can hear it now..” no reaching”
    in a high pitch squeaky voice

  10. Honestly I know a kid that is as good and maybe better than Brody Stone, and he’s getting no recognition

  11. Những ca sĩ khác cho mình cảm giác thư giãn khi nghe! Còn ĐP luôn cho mình bị cuốn theo tinh thần bài hát.

  12. why they short for 5th grade

  13. Im not the only one who thought the first kid in the thumbnail was YNW Bslime

  14. how are austin and chase playing in the future!? 🧠⁉

  15. Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s says:

    Ok YouTube yes I love smol hoopers it’s just something about them being so smol and trying so hard to be great that just gives me the feel good vibe. I wanna see them win.

  16. The thing is I am 13 and 1 year ago I got into the sport but didn’t start playing until this year. I live in Australia so there is not a lot of basketball coaches here. I have been practicing myself but I think I am worse than these kids.

  17. These boys ain’t really playing good teams Braylan Davis was good and prolly the best on the list

  18. my toxic trait is thinking i can beat these kids because I'm taller 😂

  19. The fact that I went against Brody Stone today is surprising hes from nj

  20. I’ve never played basketball. I’m 14. I feel kinda unconfident. I wanna play basketball too but just don’t know how to.

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