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Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball – The Office

The Office
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Basketball machine Michael (Steve Carell) and the office workers challenge Darryl (Craig Robinson) to a game of basketball. Loser works over the weekend. (“Basketball,” Season 1, Episode 5)

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Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball – The Office


  1. Forget Michael jordan and lebron

    Michael Scott
    Kevin malone
    Stanley Hudson

    Are the real GOATS

  2. Hmmm i wonder who dwights favorite player is

  3. What is wrong with me today what a scene like he is any good but Carell made this show

  4. I love how Dwight rivals the East German gal 😂

  5. Micheal is good for nothing like most bosses

  6. 2:46 seems like giannis based his free throws on michael scott

  7. 1:35 realization of micheal when he thought stanley might be good at basketball because he is black and and his disappointment is epic

  8. "Basket ball is like Jazz"

    Uhh noooo!

  9. “Dwight, I was open” – haha, I know a few people like that.

  10. The distant bounce of the ball after the free throw gets me every time

  11. Dwight over here with that phantom mask acting like Kobe when his nose got broken before

  12. “Footballs like rock and roll, basketball is like jazz, boo ba doo bah doo” one of the best quotes from Michael Scott

  13. "Dwight you have the East German gal"

    ~Michael Scarn

  14. Michael literally went for a lay-up and said “three” 🤣

  15. 2:46 giannis antetokounmpo before the finals

    Btw this ain’t hate towards him, he is one of my favorite players in the league

  16. I aint gonna lie it kinda sucks playing with your boss knowing he sucks at sports

  17. 4:08 Oscar calling for jobs from the newspaper since they're downsizing is a funny, but sad detail.

  18. This is the example that the janitor is more buff than the pe teacher

  19. why is anyone is not talking about Dwigth shirt lol 0:18 i want one.

  20. Michael was a traitor playing for the other team

  21. Michael is the rich kid who brings the ball for the match

  22. Stanley's death move is the best of this scene

  23. I love how Michael says “3” and he’s like a foot away from the hoop

  24. I way hoping to see the BTS Kevin footage lmao

  25. Dwight and jim are very tall, also this scene is very epic!!

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