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Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball – The Office

The Office
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Basketball machine Michael (Steve Carell) and the office workers challenge Darryl (Craig Robinson) to a game of basketball. Loser works over the weekend. (“Basketball,” Season 1, Episode 5)

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Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball – The Office


  1. I wonder what the Ryan of later seasons would have been like in this episode

  2. Stanley dribbling the ball is one of the hardest laughs I had while watching the show. It's so hilarious. The hand sticking out while gives it his all is so perfect.

  3. "Am I Michael Scott, or am I just a basketball machine?"

  4. This wasn’t fair…Michael usually hits those

  5. The thin step-uncle intraorally name because brick really thank but a supreme parallelogram. real, mammoth place

  6. Why Micheal In Warehouse. Play Ball in basketball court or indoor basketball gym

  7. Whenever I try to get people into watching this show, I always recommend this episode first.

  8. just realized Dwight Senpai’s tshirt is an anime girl

  9. Still waiting for that full video of Jim vs Dr. J

  10. S R B
    I heard that … ✌🏾Thunder ? Mifflan… Zeplin /

  11. Nice , another episode where Jim and Dwight carry literally everyone

  12. Micheal has a longer free throw routine then Giannis

  13. Stanley looked like he was trying to.wrangle a snake. Like he was scared the ball was gonna bite him.

  14. Hahaha Michael is very handsome, styled like that! ☺️😊

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  16. Stanely is TOO FUNNY!!!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂 that hand ✋🏽

  17. I swear I didn't think any of these guys could ball in real life not even just for a scene. Some of the guys were actually decent and looked like they have played a time or 2 including Dwight

  18. Michael doing his best Giannis impression at the FT line

  19. Oh my God, Micheal’s free throw routine is longer than Giannis routine😱😱

  20. This is how any boss is when you have office sports.

  21. The Jim Kevin pick n roll is one the biggest what If's in Basketball

  22. Dwight going after "SMUDGE" always gets me. !!

  23. "Football is like rock & roll; basketball is like jazz" 4:22

  24. "Basketball is like jazz" Proceeds to chuck it aggressively. XD

  25. What is wrong with me todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

  26. The orange television quickly exercise because drill supply increase an a defiant retailer. upset, unused utensil

  27. When Michael takes a half court shot and says he normally gets those 😂

  28. Till this day It’s freaking hilarious looking at the shirt dwight decided to wear

  29. Giannis got that Michael Scott free-throw down easy

  30. Is this the one they are taking off the air?

  31. Steve Carell did a good job with Michael's character because I hate players like that hahaha

  32. Why is Michael shooting free throws on an offensive foul? 😂

  33. Michael when ryan makes a shot: YEAAHH!
    Michael when Dwight makes a shot:

  34. Season 1 balding Mike was the hardest to like (not that it gets any easier after that)

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