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Duke vs. Virginia Condensed Game | 2023 New York Life ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament

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Fourth-seeded Duke took down second-seeded Virginia in a defensive battle to claim its 22nd ACC men’s tournament championship, 59-49. The Blue Devils had 43 of their 59 points come from Kyle Filipowski and Jeremy Roach. Roach finished with a game-high 23 on 7-12 shooting. Filipowski added 10 rebounds and 3 steals. Reece Beekman had a team-high 12 points for the Cavaliers.


  1. can someone please explain why they duke got free throws at the end of this game just because one of the players kept dribbling the ball?

  2. I just wanted to limit someone else really Is illivised turnovers

  3. Nicely done, DUKE ⚪️🔵😈🤟🏾

  4. Beat them at their own ugly, horrible game 😈

  5. Man oh man this is sweet. Their are definitely people out there who thought duke would fall off a cliff without coach K.

  6. The problem with va is if they get down its super hard for them to get back in the game . Congrats Duke for over achieving

  7. Game was never close. VA should not have even been co-regular season champs if it wasn’t for the rip off game they won over Duke.

  8. Is Kihei Clark gone yet? Bennett has let this program slip in the worst way. Not sure if losing that coach to Liberty has hurt his recruiting but Bennett needs to do some serious introspection about the trajectory of this program. All these transfers are just older – not better – than the strongest programs. Bennett needs to recruit blue chip players and let them gel – like he did with the Guy, Jerome, Hunter.

  9. LET'S GOOO! This team is young and already something special, we will hopefully make noise in the tournament

  10. I was concerned how DUKE and especially Roach started to “Choked” at the end if game with the Turnovers, Missed Free-Throws and Poor Shot Selections.

  11. Jon Scheyer has vindicated himself at the end of the regular season.

  12. Great win for duke. Should be a third seed now. Added a new banner winning this tournament. First year head coach. Already adding to dukes history.

  13. Duke played there best basketball in this tournament .

  14. Duke New Era off to a great start ACC tournament champs. Coach Scheyer outstanding season now Tournament time👏🏾

  15. Let’s Go Duke. Way to go Jon . I believe we can go far .

  16. I told you! Duke was going to win the ACC tourney. And the Blue Devils are hot going into the NCAAs too!

  17. Now let's get that 2nd seed, and go do damage in the tournament!!! I know Coach K is beaming with pride!!!💙💙💙💙

  18. Scheyer won the ACC Championship and beat UVa, two things that Coach K had been struggling with the last few years. I love it. All Hail the New King of College Basketball 🤴🙌🏾! Goodbye to Coach K . Say hello to Jewish Jordan ✡️⛹️‍♂️💨 . GO DUKE!

  19. Not a fan of either team especially uva but glad to see Duke get the W after being cheated in Charlottesville

  20. 2 great defenses, never seen game where both teams had to use last second of shot clock on so many positions, 2 very different styles of defenses but both very effective.

  21. Coach Scheyer is only so far to win the ACC 🏆 as a player and a Coach. This is a dangerous team ,J ROACH the floor GENERAL is on fire 🔥! Let's go team

  22. If you're any kind of basketball fan Duke lead wire to wire and another thing how many 7 ft freshman could have made that pass that he made proctor for the three goduke

  23. ACC needed it’s cash cow to stay on top

  24. UNC fan here. Duke has momentum at the end of the regular season like UNC did last year. Hopefully they do well the rest of March.

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