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Duke vs. North Carolina Condensed Game | 2022-23 ACC Men’s Basketball

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Duke made it a regular season sweep of North Carolina in a huge 62-57 win in Chapel Hill on Saturday. Kyle Filipowski led the way for the Blue Devils with a game-high 22 points and 13 rebounds in the game. Tyrese Proctor added 13 points and Jeremy Roach and Mark Mitchell each chipped in 10 points for Jon Scheyer’s club. Armando Bacot and RJ Davis each scored 17 points as the Heels battled with their bitter rivals. Bacot also added 11 rebounds and 4 blocks in the loss.


  1. I don’t know what kind of horse shoe they had up their asses last year to make it to a championship game

  2. UNC gonna have to make at least the finals of the ACC tournament to get in the big dance

  3. With Tar Heels tourney future uncertain at this point, is mildly worth noting their 11-9 conference record stands alone in the final ACC standings. They were 3-6 against teams finishing above them and 8-3 with teams below.

    Another item of note is with clearly non-power conference at-large hopefuls, VCU did beat Pitt while the T-H lost two close games to the Panthers. Although VCU has rarely been mentioned for consideration in the event they lose the A-10 championship game, they also beat Vanderbilt, a team above .500 in SEC play.

    Well done Devils…making Coach K very proud!

  4. Always a good day to beat these stiffs ⚪️🔵😈

  5. This Carolina team is just a disappointment! This season!! 😭

  6. From clutch to liability: A Caleb Love story

  7. Duke's game plan was to leave Black wide open and dare him to shoot. In fairness to Leaky though, he's a great defender who contributed checks notes 0 blks and 0 stls in 40 min.

  8. Blue Devil till the day I die where u at UNC fans 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. In this morning's ESPN College Game Day, when the commentators were making their predictions on tonight's winner (three chose UNC), was interesting to see that J. Bilas kept silent. Guess he would prefer not to incite a chorus of boo's.

  10. This is a very nice win by Duke. But as a Duke fan, nothing will make it a revenge game unless they beat UNC at a final four game (which I doubt those two will ever meet again at that stage) or if Duke wins two more championships (which I will also doubt).
    But Scheyer has progressed as a coach. Not bad for a first year.

  11. Bye Carolina take all that bravado and enjoy your losses! Both this year. Hope you make the dance so I can see you lose early.

  12. A preseason rank that turned out to be a joke, and the team that has basically just one big guy in bacot and one guy in Love who is good. Rest of the team. Obviously over performed last year. What a joke. Burn those baby blues.

  13. Jordan is burning his jerseys.

  14. That dude Nance for Carolina got very stiff and uncoordinated footwork. He is weak

  15. That dude Nance for Carolina got very stiff and uncoordinated footwork. He is weak. Meanwhile Caleb Love been throwing up low percentage shots all season, the lack of intensity…. should I keep going?

  16. unc some shit but thats old news. this team never was good. just got hot late last year somehow

  17. Duke looks ready for the tournament. Many people get caught up in individual regular season wins/losses, but it's a long-haul towards becoming a tournament-ready team in March, and this Duke team seems to be ready after an up-and-down season. Huge win in Carolina for the Devils.

  18. I said it last year during the tourney. A fluke run. Carolina was awful most of last year. They were only a 9 seed. They got lucky and hot at the right moment. They also had Manek. I said from the start this year – the preseason number one rank was way overrated and undeserved. I've been proven right all year. Heck, they even struggled with teams like Portland and Gardner Webb. They need a massive run at the conference tourney now. And that's just to have a glimmer of hope to even go to the national tourney.

  19. well this doesnt make up for the refs costing us 2 games at virginia and virginia tech not calling those fouls at the end, but this is still nice to sweep unc.

  20. Congratulations, Duke! 💙😈🏀🙌🎊🎉 Go Heels! 🐏💙🏀

  21. Later tarholes 👋 Enjoy the NIT, I hear the TV coverage is not so good. From #1 to NIT, classic choke job.

    Oh, and take this on the way out 🧹


  22. As a die hard Tarheel I've said it before and stand by this. Our team is straight dumpster trash juice !!!!! This team is not even NIT worthy and that's saying alot. Glad I won't see half of them next yr. Every coach will have struggles but of this staff can't get it together we will need someone who can be a real coach. Put this lose and season on your shoulders because the embarrassment you've shown all yr is speaking volumes. The biggest preseason choke artists I've ever seen and what makes it hurt is you've made the program look horrible this yr ! Worst than 2010 !

  23. I was out and about yesterday and all i saw was carolina shirts and hoodies and hats so glad today i wont have to see that carolina mess today always a good day when i dont have to see that dreadful mess

  24. It's alright brothers we got this I know its another L but we still got time to do something it's not over till the big beautiful lady sings and she hasn't started singing quite yet. so pull yourselves together we make this life what we wanna make it Acc we got this I don't care what anyone has to say the critics them wannabes this is the right team and the right coach to get back to the championship and this time win we know that the world is against us but at the end of the day that's what makes us different from everyone.# go unc natty

  25. Teams that work hard to win over ranked opponents might be, “the new normal” for teams that usually suck.

  26. This is crazy why the hell isn't Duke ranked Tennessee has 10 losses but is ranked #11 as of Saturday 😕

  27. Leaky back to playing basic and soft on offense, driving, and finishing around the basket. Love allowing Roach to blow right by him for an easy layup in crunch time. Bacot is the equivalent of an NFL number two receiver trying to be a certified number one. This men's team plays more like the women's team…and the women's team themselves is missing and lacking a big-time player and difference maker because Deja Kelly ain't no Ivory Latta or Nikki Teasley!

  28. Dukie here but they gonna need to hit some 3s to go anywhere! Lively definitely changes the game when he's in there. Whitehead is still sorta a disappointment. He's gotta be good just hasn't shown anything! Glad we beat UNC and a wins a win but we have a lot to work on

  29. Way to go into Chael Hill and pick up our 6th straight win to close the regular season. Go Duke!

  30. Caleb Love is a bad mf!!! In 12 months buddy went from my favorite Heel, to my absolute enemy dawg! Draft projections mixed with NIL is the worst thing NCAAMBB could have came across

  31. Dukes coach is already better than Carolinas…..sucks out loud unc….

  32. Heating up at the right time blue devils might be a dark horse in the tourney

  33. Just remember: North Carolina started the season ranked #1 in the country 😅

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