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Duke vs. Miami Condensed Game | 2023 New York Life ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament

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Fourth-seeded Duke advanced to the ACC Championship with an 85-78 victory over top-seeded Miami. The Blue Devils carried over their hot-shooting from the quarterfinals, as they converted at a 55% rate from the floor and made half of their three-point attempts. Kyle Filipowski had yet another double double with 17 points and 11 rebounds, and Tyrese Proctor added 15 to go with 5 assists and 3 boards. Mark Mitchell’s 14 points came alongside 5 rebounds. For Miami, Isaiah Wong had a game-high 22 points. The Hurricanes saw Norchad Omier go down in the game’s opening minutes with an injury.


  1. Love my blue devils, but Lively was garbage to be the #1 recruiting prospect for 2022. I'm glad he's gone, never lived up to the billing. Reminded me of Marvin Bagley III, another waste. But, all in all, no matter what – "Let's go DUKE".

  2. okay, john. you do know i am disowned.. stop this.

  3. Duke is the hottest team in the NCAA right now and are 100% healthy. They are making a final 4. They might just win the entire thing.

  4. Duke is really coming together at the right time. It's a testament to what Scheyer and his staff have done to work through all this season's ups-and-downs to build a very good team.

  5. Duke4Life. Good the hard work is paying off at the right time.

  6. I thought Miami was ragged offensively in the 2nd half. They looked rattled, didn't show patience setting up their offense, and took quick, off-balance three pointers. Duke was definitely poised. Miami was not.

  7. I was concerned that Duke may have shot their wad last night, but needless to say they are the real deal. Very impressive 3pt shooting, now to clean-up some of those turnovers.

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  9. Miami lost arguably their best player 66 seconds into this. Yes Isaiah Wong is the ACC player of the year but just look at the rebounding difference from the previous meeting to this one. +7 in February and -12 tonight. Completely changes the dynamic and flow of the game. Look out for Miami in the NCAA tournament.

  10. Proctor has been money on free throws late! Duke is really heating up!

  11. I was at the game and enjoyed every minute if it. Duke is playing great team basketball, i'll be back to watch Duke versus UVA tomorrow and i absolutely expect Duke to get the victory. Wont be an easy game but i think Duke will win. Lets Go Duke!!!

  12. Losing a star player averaging a double double a game really hurt. Duke still barely won.

  13. I wonder which duke players are leaving for NBA after this season, if only like Filipowski leaves they are preaseason top 3 next season

  14. Can we ban jay bilas from ever announcing another duke game please…. I've never seen someone be so quick to belittle a team and downplay any of their achievements while getting noticeably excited for any other team who gives em a run for their money… The man gets a hard on and becomes the Duke hater every single game he covers them when they could lose… Hard believe he went to and played for Duke. Me thinks he's a little jaded they haven't kissed his ass, erected a statue in his likeness on campus, and/or declared him a living God yet

  15. it's only right duke gets to play virginia again and get redemption for that bad no call the last time they played.

  16. Duke is really clicking right now. They’re giving me 2010 vibes. Let’s go Blue!!

  17. Filipowski or however you spell it is the most impressive big man I’ve seen skill wise in a while. They can use him low and high. He’s gonna be great at next level stretching floor and finishing at rim

  18. You're a limited team when your tallest player Omir , is only 6 ' 7.

  19. Their playing better than last years team at this point.

  20. Duke hustled Miami, and it paid off. This team is more than capable of getting wins, they just need to pace there selves as a team a little bit more. Next season should be quite interesting for Duke..

  21. Pass my little cousin, Jeremy the ball thing😢

  22. Duke could actually go all the way for a few reasons:
    1. They are healthy for now
    2. Elite defense
    3. Found their stride in last 8 games
    4. Filipowski is on a tear rn

  23. Duke will have too play there best game of the season if there gonna beat Cavaliers

  24. Duke is gonna be scary in the tourney

  25. Typical Miami. No bench and no killer instinct. I love Larranaga but he just doesn't instill the "go for the jugular" instinct when it's needed most. It has been evident all year in end of the game meltdowns.

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