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Duke vs. Georgia Tech Condensed Game | 2023-24 ACC Men’s Basketball

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After getting their first win over a ranked opponent under new coach Damon Stoudemire earlier in the week, the Yellow Jackets got their first Top 10 and ACC win under Stoudamire with a 72-68 win over the #7 Blue Devils. Georgia Tech ended the game on a 10-2 run and only trailed for 1:38 in the game. Duke had a chance to tie or take the lead with three seconds left in the game but never got a shot up. Baye Ndongo led the Yellow Jackets with 21 points, five rebounds, four blocks, and two rebounds. Miles Kelly added 16 points and seven rebounds. For Duke, Jeremy Roach had 20 points, eight rebounds, four assists, and two steals.


  1. Every network showing highlights on YouTube: "Let's give em 1080, and 60fps if possible".ACCDN: By gum we started this business on Jefferson Pilot Sports and dagnabbit we're gonna show highlights like it's on Jefferson Pilot Sports!

  2. Duke needs a coming to Jesus moment because they are not playing to their capabilities. If Duke didn't have Filipowski, they might be 2-6 right now.

  3. Mediocrity starting to set in at Duke. Recruiting alone is not going to bring a championship.

  4. How is Foster or even Blakes not starting over McCain, maybe even Mitchell as well?

  5. DUCK FUKE!!!!!! The WORST fans in the History of College Sports!

  6. Ah the good ole “overrated” chant to completely undermine your teams victory

  7. Duke really needs a NEW coach. Having only one eye can he really sees what his players are doing.

  8. What we've been witnessing in the past few days is nothing but "HALLELUJAHS!" and prayers answered all across America for a big-time prime-time win against some of the sexiest college basketball teams in America, like Duke, Purdue and Marquette.

  9. Nice win. Anytime dook loses is great

  10. Ahhh, Good day to be a TARRRRRR!!!!!! HEEEEEEEL!!!!!!

  11. Duke trying to play with 2 centers will never work and if I don't know what I'm talking about y'all got 3 loses either way lmao go UNC

  12. I feel like this game shows why Caleb Foster needs more playing time

  13. Dansby Swanson is from Atlanta and supports Duke? Fucking traitor.

  14. America always wins with Duke loses 😁😁

  15. Dook will now move up 3 spots in the ESPN poll😂😂😂😂

  16. Duke has no rim protection and if you can battle with them on the backboard you'll have a good chance of beating this team. They'll figure some things out but if they win it all I'll be shocked 😲.

  17. Duke better be ranked #20 or worse. I think unranked is the real thing to be. They're not a good team now.

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